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A cheating wife was rumbled after she sent a string of lewd images of her sexual organ meant for her lover to her husband.
Abigail Dube from Mpumalanga suburb in Hwange thought she had sent the pictures of her organ to her married boyfriend Mpendulo Ncube from the same suburb. She had accompanied the photos with steamy messages in which she was demanding “hot sexy” sessions from him.
In some of the messages Dube was thanking her lover for a wonderful date and deciding where to be intimate. Dube also asked Ncube to send her a picture of his organ in return so that she could sleep well.
Dube’s husband Musa Mudenda was so shocked with what he saw that he slammed the phone to the ground. He confronted his wife who failed to give a satisfactory answer leading to a thorough bashing.
The battered Dube went and reported the matter to the police leading to her husband’s arrest. Mudenda was, however, saved from the humiliation of a trial when the charges were withdrawn at the set down office at Hwange magistrates court after Dube indicated that she was no longer interested in having her husband prosecuted.
According to reports on 20 December at around 9pm Dube left her husband in the living room watching television claiming she was going to bed.
It is reported that while in the bedroom she took her cell phone and started typing intimate messages to her boyfriend before attaching them with images of her organ and accidentally sent them to her husband who was in the living room.
After receiving the images Mudenda went into the bedroom where he confronted his wife who later admitted to having a relationship with Dube but insisted they had never had sex before. He did not believe her and thrashed her.

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