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ONE person died while 17 others were seriously injured after two commuter omnibuses collided along the Plumtree road in the Belmont industrial area in Bulawayo.

The accident occurred on Monday evening near Founders High School turn-off.

Witnesses said the kombi heading towards the city centre was speeding. They said the driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.

“The roads were slippery due to the rains. I think the kombi driver who was heading towards the city centre with three passengers failed to control his vehicle and it overturned and rolled twice encroaching onto the lane of oncoming traffic resulting in the collision with another kombi.

“It was a scary site. The other kombi was going towards the western suburbs. People started screaming, and for a moment I held my breath as I saw what was about to happen. The fire brigade came in no time and confirmed that one of the passengers in the kombi had died,” the witness said.

Bulawayo Chief Fire Officer, Richard Peterson, said his men were at the scene six minutes after the accident.

He said one person was already dead by the time they arrived and they rushed the injured to United Bulawayo Hospitals.

“The kombi going towards the western areas had 17 people, including the driver. One of the passengers from this kombi died on the spot and 15 others were injured. The other two who were injured were from the other kombi,” said Peterson.


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