THE boarding master at Hama High School in the Midlands Province was allegedly caught red-handed last Saturday having sex with a matron at the school.

The boarding master only identified as Mr Matambirofa was reportedly caught in the act with a matron also identified as Mrs Kwashira.
The headmaster, Mr Magomo, reportedly had a tough time chasing pupils from the scene where they were watching the two in a compromising position.

It is alleged that after the Speech and Price Giving Day the two lovebirds went into a private room to make love. The two had a nice time but was disrupted by pupils who became suspicious when they heard funny sounds emanating from the matron's room as the matron was screaming in sexual pleasure.

The pupils reportedly encircled the matron's house drawing the attention of teachers who also came to catch a glimpse of the sickening incident.

According to a source Mr Matambirofa, commonly as the 'master', at the school was reportedly seen completely naked by pupils with some capturing pictures and videos with their smart phones.

"It was an embarrassing incident for the two lovebirds after they were caught red handed in the act by pupils who became suspicious after they heard some funny noises coming from Kwashira's house. Suspicions having got the better of them they peeped through the slightly open window where they saw the pair in the act," said a source from the school who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals.

The source further said Kwashira latter confessed before the headmaster that she was in love with Matambirofa and after that particular incident the latter had left his underwear in her house.

Efforts to get comment from both Matambirofa and Kwashira were fruitless as their mobile numbers could not be obtained by the time of going to print. - online



Goodlife Lynus
+8#Goodlife Lynus2014-10-21 09:10
These are consenting adults doing an adult game in the house; So what? The pupils should be discplined for budging into the privacy of seniors.

Dai vakabatwa ne mwana wechikoro ingadai pane nyaya.
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+3#Dofo2014-10-21 09:30
Zvinonetsa muchero uyu unonaka you and me knows that so apa pangonetsa kuti wakabatwa otherwise one way or the other we all cheat
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+3#Ayanda2014-10-21 09:30
Hapana nyaya are they married? At least they are not doing da skool kids
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Goodlife Lynus
+1#Goodlife Lynus2014-10-21 09:58
Dofo 2014-10-21 09:30
" ...... otherwise one way or the other we all cheat"

Dofo, speak for yourself. We don't ALL cheat.
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0#grade12014-10-21 10:29
:D. Hapana nyaya apa , watosvibisa zita re chikoro neka nyaya kako, iwe ku ma mission schools, either headmaster na teacher we fashion or student teacher na ticha we bhora, zvinowanikwa izvi
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+2#DENHERERUZIWO2014-10-21 10:32
ndokushayawo nyaya old pupil ngavasiyiwe vadye pakati
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
0#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-10-21 11:14
Nhapitapi, mutakunanzva, nhopi.
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+1#selele2014-10-21 11:25
Master ava vanenge vanogona kudambura n'ini.
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+2#Muti2014-10-21 11:40
Useless story. Unoda kukurudzira upombwe. Kana uchida nyaya huya unyore Minana ku UFIC nhasi. Zvinebasa rei? Kumba kwako unorara uchiitei? This is not news
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0#DENHERERUZIWO2014-10-21 16:13
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-2#Solo2014-10-21 18:23
@Dofo! If everyone is stealing or if most people are stealing, it doesn't mean that stealing is all right. Males never learn, Samson was pulled down by a whore. They say that the wise men avoid pleasures of this world but fools are slaves of pleasures of this world. If you are a married male reject "all other ladies" and vice versa. Joseph was a genius, he ran away from an opportunity. We've AIDS.
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-2#Solo2014-10-21 18:51
There is insufficient evidence here. Normally kids hate the matron and boarding master such that kids can fabricate stories out of hatred. How can they see through a wall? Do they have eyes that use gamma rays like security cameras? Its highly likely that this story is not true even though there are some human beings who misbehave
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0#selele2014-10-22 15:41
Matron havana kuramba kuti vakaidzikwa ya Master. Vakangodzima phone chete kuti vanyatsoyeverwa nezizemu ravakanga vapiwa naMaster
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0#Mhega2014-11-17 15:22
Muchinda uyu haana imwe nyaya kunze kwedzekubisana mabhurugwe. High time you changed subject
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