Asima was my girlfriend: Chaos as Tinashe Jonas defrauds 2 women of more than US$1 000


YOUTHFUL entrepreneur, Tinashe Jonasi, has been accused by two ladies of allegedly defrauding them of more than US$1000.

Tinashe, 24, owns a car sale and also does several hustles in the capital.

Tinashe Jonasi

He was recently posted on social media being accused of allegedly defrauding a lady based in Birchenough Bridge, Apitimiss Asima, of US$500.

Asima told H-Metro that on September 10, she gave Tinashe US$500 to buy her a mobile phone.

But, until now, she claims, she hasn’t received anything.

“I ordered an iPhone 12 Promax from him.

“I paid US$500, then wanted to swap with my phone Samsung S10.

“Now, he is refusing to give me the phone or to refund my money, and he is nowhere to be found,” she said.

Another lady, who refused to reveal her identity, said Tinashe owes her about US$549.

She claims he only gave her back RTGS equivalent to US$200 from US$749 she transferred to him on August 21.

The lady has since filed a police report under RRB 5020726.

The lady narrated her story to H-Metro.

“I knew this guy because aitengesa mapotatoes last year and was referred to him by someone.

“Then, last month, I posted that I was looking for USD on my status and he responded saying that he wanted money to pay duty for his car, he wanted RTGS$3 million.

“As someone I knew, I sent him money equivalent to US$749, then he told me to look for a guy he claims works at Munhumutapa Building.

“The guy didn’t give me money the whole day.

“I kept waiting but to no avail.”

“Then, from that day, Tinashe said he would send through Mukuru or Innbucks since he said he had gone out of the town.

“But, he gives me reason after reason.

“He reads my messages but he doesn’t respond to calls.

“I then asked for a reversal then he asked a guy called Kuda to do a reversal but he sent a fake proof of payment until today it’s story after story from Tinashe.

“Last time, he said he was in Mozambique and he said ndikauya will send you mari but he came back but did nothing until today.”

Contacted for comment, Tinashe said Asima was his girlfriend, and they had done the iPhone 12 Promax deal while they were still in love.

“Asima was my girlfriend when she gave me the US$500 on September 10 to buy her a phone.

“We broke up while I was still to buy the phone.

“Now, she is nagging me to quickly deliver the phone.

“Besides dating, she gave me money on 10 September, now it’s September 20.

“How can she claim that I conned her when the phone is being shipped?”

He said he will settle what he owes the other lady.

— HMetro

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