Businessman who snatched a beautiful woman from another man cries after she dumped him for mbinga

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FOR the record, Blabber has nothing against anyone and for professional reasons, Yours Truly will never use this widely read column to settle personal scores.

If anything, it is only the need to preserve the little that remains of our moral fabric that keeps Blabber peeping through the keyholes of your bedroom doors.

This explains why Blabber is following with keen interest the unfolding drama involving this other pr0miscu0us meat retailer’s daughter and a youthful businessman who apparently snatched her from the arms of another man.

The two — pr0miscu0us meat retailer’s daughter and the youthful businessman — thought they would have a marriage made in heaven and would only be separated by death.

But no, not when another man who was once married to this generous sister of ours is shedding tears of rejection and betrayal.

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Word reaching Yours Truly is that the loose businessman’s daughter recently offered the youthful businessman US$15 000 for the house he built at her parents’ home.

She even promised to source the remaining US$5 000.

However, our dear youthful businessman would have none of it!

Instead, he butchered the businessman’s daughter and Blabber understands that she sustained some internal injuries after the thorough hiding.

No wonder, she is said to have reported the matter to law enforcement agents and the youthful businessman is said to be on the run.

As it stands, it is now only a matter of time before Yours Truly covers their showdown in a court of law.

For those who could still be wondering who exactly Yours Truly is blabbering about, it is none other than the daughter of the businessman who runs a thriving meat retail outlet a few kilometres out of the Central Business District.

At one point, folks around town drove to their place to get quality cheap beef.

The serene environs of their place also make it a preferred destination for lovebirds, imbibers and pleasure seekers from different areas around our beautiful city.

Yours Truly once went to town after the uncultured woman dumped her husband and moved in with a relatively richer guy who runs a lorry and haulage truck transport business in the periphery of the city.

Today, the relatively richer guy is now having a taste of his own medicine after he was also dumped for another mbinga.

He now understands the pain of losing your better-half to another man.

Unfortunately, he has been unleashing an orgy of violence on this businessman’s family, specifically to their wayward daughter.

Not so long ago, Blabber narrated how the young businessman went to the popular meat retailer’s homestead and destroyed some property.

But as a matter of principle, we cannot interfere in matters of the heart, we can only wait and watch!

— Manica Post

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