Fracas as woman threatens to kill best friend after she gave her husband her phone password


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Well, not so for a woman who suspects that her best friend sold her out by giving her husband her phone password.

When her South Africa-based husband went through the phone, he got access to all her secrets and promptly dumped her.

Jillian Ngwekazi will never trust anyone in her life as her best friend Patros Muzararikwa stabbed her in the back, destroying her marriage.

The once close friends no longer see eye to eye and Ngwekazi accuses Muzararikwa of giving her husband the phone password as she is the only one who knew it.

In revenge, Ngwekazi is threatening to stab her friend to death because she is the cause of her problems.

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“We have been friends for the past two years and trouble started when she visited her husband in South Africa.

“I just sent her a message checking on how she had travelled and the following day she was insulting me saying I had destroyed her marriage.

“She accused me of telling her husband her secrets and giving her the phone password and it’s not true because I do not have her husband’s contacts,” said Muzararikwa who was forced to apply for a protection order following death threats from her friend.

Upon return from South Africa, Ngwekazi reportedly continued with her accusations and insults.

“She came at the shop while I was busy serving customers and started shouting at me saying I destroyed her marriage and I just ignored her and she started crying and was taken by her friend. In the evening she started sending messages and made it clear that she wanted to stab and kill me,” she said.

In response, Ngwekazi confirmed that she had been dumped by her husband after he went through her phone and the only person who knew the phone’s password was Muzararikwa.

“She knows a lot about me and what my husband accused me of are things that I told her. She also knows my password and could have sent it to my husband,” said Ngwekazi.

Presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu granted the binding order to the effect that Ngwekazi is ordered to keep peace towards the applicant. She was also barred from insulting, threatening or physically abusing Muzararikwa. The order is binding for a period of 12 months.

— BMetro

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