Tatelicious cries like a baby as Swedish police kick her out of her home, video sets tongues wagging


TATENDA Christopher Zenzo Karigambe, popularly known as Tatelicious, cried live on Facebook while being evicted from a house in Sweden yesterday.

Tatelicious live-streamed the eviction on Facebook.

Three days ago, Tatelicious wrote on Facebook that an eviction was imminent after ex-husband, Richard Sandberg, who took out a mortgage to acquire the house, auctioned it.

Yesterday, Tatelicious filmed the Swedish Police executing the eviction.

“It was auctioned and somebody else is now the owner of this house, that is why we are here,” Swedish police told Tatelicious.

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Tatelicious contested the eviction claiming there was an interdict to stop the process by Swedish debt collectors, referred to as Kronofogden.

“I was given this house as a gift and I have been paying,” said Tatelicious.

“So, the police came and threw me out of the house and said they didn’t want to hear my side.

“I listened to the police and took out the dogs and put them in the car.

“They came with guns.

“As I told you in the morning, the court said I should not go out of the house, but, because they had Kronofogden (Swedish debt collectors), they used seven police with guns.

“They were holding my hands, throwing me outside the house,”

In the livestream, Tatelicious refused to sign the papers that came with the debt collectors and the police.

“They were violent, they broke my car.

“They didn’t want to listen to my story. They wanted to force me to sign a document and I said no.

“They don’t even have a letter from the court to get me out of the house, they said they have the besluit (a judgment), but what I have is that I should not go out of the house.

“I was thinking that the police were going to help me. I had to document this so that I will have evidence.”

The Budiriro-bred socialite accused Swedish police of racism.

“They (police) help Swedish people but immigrants will die. They came with guns . . . teargas, everything and thought I was going to fight.

“I don’t fight the police but it’s my right to film . . . I marched out peacefully. Only God knows what is going to happen.

“I didn’t do anything stupid to provoke the police but I know I am going to be back because it’s my house.

“I will file a complaint with the government.

“They came to kill the black woman. They can’t kill me, they actually wanted to pull a gun but I said I’m not being violent, I’m just crying.

“People say in Sweden you live nicely, not when you are a black person, you think if I was Swedish they were going to treat me like this? They are racist, they don’t like blacks.

“You need to come to Europe knowing that these people don’t like you. But, I will be back. They have faked many documents.”

Tatelicious will stay with in-laws while seeking legal recourse.

In his post three days ago, Tatelicious said: “My black people when you get married to white people and get gifts like houses, please make sure, there is a supporting affidavit which your husband must write to say:

“The house gift, which he gave to you, MUST NOT be repossessed by ANY credit collectors if he somehow fails to pay his debts or divorce you.

“The house gift you got from him will not be part of the division of property if divorce arises.

“That affidavit must be signed by two witnesses with their supporting IDs and a lawyer who will be also witnessing this, he/she (the lawyer) will put a signature to authenticate the affidavit!!!

“When I got my house as a gift after my wedding I didn’t know about all this but experience is the greatest teacher,” wrote Tatelicious on Sunday.

— HMetro

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