Man who ‘harassed his lover’ after she rejected his proposal at Joina City sets the record straight

Pedzisayi Pedzisayi

AN unsavoury video, which went viral last month where a man was harassing his lover after she rejected his love proposal at Joina City, was a skit, it has been established.

The man in the video, Pedzisayi Pedzisayi, is an actor, who has featured in different skits, and local dramas.

He has been part of Estate Blues, Nzungu Muriva, Tangled, among others.

On the day in question, he claims they were shooting a skit and citizen journalists twisted and took it as reality.

Pedzisayi has, in fact, become a victim of the circumstances, where he is being rejected by the community, claiming he is a domestic violence perpetrator.

He has blamed social media for exaggerating the issue, which was meant for a skit.

In the video, he was acting with actress, Queen Victoria, whom he bashed in the presence of the public, who assumed it was a real scene.

In an interview, Pedzisayi said he was now a victim.

“The video has been circulating on social media since last month, with the headline ‘Proposal Gone Wrong at Joina City’.

“It was not real but rather acting.

“We were shooting a skit with that script but ndapinda busy.

“So, during the shoot, there were people with phones, who then took some videos and sent the wrong information.

“I was shocked the next day to see the video on different platforms, with wrong information.

“Everyone was saying I beat up that girl,” he said.

Added Pedzisayi:

“We never dated, with this girl, and we did not fight.

“We just met, since she is an actress and I am an actor. She is the one who came up with the concept of the skit. All those scenes were planned; we took the ring at a certain shop, along Mbuya Nehanda.

“That’s the ring we used, some of the guys are also actors, we have another one who works at the entrance of Food World Supermarket.

“We were not fighting, it’s wrong information, which was circulated.

“The girl has since approached me that we should withdraw the skit, since she was also under pressure.

“She was saying, I will be arrested since, she said, she was being approached by lawyers to represent her.

“But I refused to withdraw it.”

Pedzisayi said the issue was affecting him.

“The issue is now affecting me each time I want to do some projects as people are saying I was fighting with a lady and it will be like they will be promoting GBV.

“But, close people understand it was a skit, yet outsiders have a version yekuti ndakarova musikana.

“But, with the girl, we speak every time.

‘‘We shot the video from Chicken Inn Fantasyland, passing through the footbridge and moved to Julius Nyerere, then Jason Moyo to Park Street, where I work.

“I have the end of the video the shoot where we were shaking hands kuti tapedza.

“We then did another one called the ‘Joina City Scandal: Full Story,’ in which we were receiving counselling since the script was in line with the abuse.

“We were supposed to do the last part but the girl is not around, she went to South Africa.

‘‘Our story was misconstrued and it has been twisted.”

The actor said he is now feeling the heat since most of his doors were being closed.

“The story has tarnished our images. We are just friends with the girl, I never proposed to her but through the video, it end up being twisted.

“We are not enemies, we didn’t fight, we are friends not lovers.

“When greeting people, they even say ndimi vaye vekurova mukadzi, yet I am not a violent man.”

Victoria confirmed to H-Metro that it was, indeed, a skit shooting gone wrong.

She challenged Pedzisayi to release some of their chats confirming they were in good books.

She said she also sympathised with Pedzisayi, who is now facing rejection and ridicule, as a gender based violence (GBV) perpetrator.

Pedzisayi said he will do his best to clear his name after the ugly scene left him with a battered image and bruised ego.

— HMetro

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