Note-taking Apps | Top 5 Programs for Students


To study successfully, a student needs to create outlines in which the material to be studied should be recorded as fully as possible. In the past, a pen and a thick notebook were used for this purpose. Now, during the heyday of computer technology, there are much more effective ways to organize information.

A student can take his laptop with him and record the lecture in its entirety as a video file. Using a smartphone for this purpose is more convenient. It is compact and its capabilities are usually superior to older computers. Users can use a variety of programs that will allow them to cover the content of the lecture in the most comprehensive way and create convenient and effective material for study.


OneNote has earned a well-deserved reputation because it’s as easy as 22 Bet thanks to its elaborate interface. It was created by the developers of Microsoft. It has advanced capabilities for working with information. Versions have been created for various operating systems.

It provides the ability to type text, insert handwritten notes, make links within the document, and use various types of video and audio files. It is possible to scan textbook pages and translate notes into text form.

Information can be organized by arranging it on different pages and putting it into thematic sections. Texts, to-do lists, and media files can be stored here. There is a way to conveniently organize the navigation through the existing records.


A word processor will allow you to take notes by creating electronic documents. This application may appeal to fans of minimalist lifestyle. Here you can enter text, draw diagrams, and insert pictures, which can help you memorize a particular topic better. You can change the appearance by applying different styles or choosing the design elements yourself.

For navigation, it is available to divide into parts in a hierarchical structure and the use of bookmarks. The drawing application is built-in. The program can be used not only for outlining and for taking notes or brainstorming. Notes can be made using handwritten input. When editing, simultaneous use of a web browser is provided.


This program allows you to record lectures by creating their audio recordings. Its special feature is the ability to convert what is said into text right during the lecture. The vocabulary for recognition is customizable. It includes not only words but also punctuation marks. The program can recognize not only normal speech, but also, for example, telephone numbers or addresses.

In this way, you can create not only notes but also efficiently organize large texts, which is helpful if you need to prepare your speech for the next lesson. The special feature of this program is the high recognition accuracy. It can reach up to 95%. The program can recognize speech in more than 70 languages.

To get started, you need to launch the application and select the desired language. Then you can record the words of the lecturer or take notes yourself.


This program has everything you need to create text notes. They can be sorted by distributing them into folders. If you want to attach media files, office documents or others, it is possible to attach up to 100 megabytes to each folder. The program supports the use of widgets.

The program has already been downloaded by over three million users. Convenient and functional interface provides quick access to the necessary material. To improve the appearance, you can choose the type and size of the font, as well as the use of pictures.

It’s possible to protect your entries with a password. This will eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to the material. There is a built-in search that you can use to find any note you need. Backups can be saved and restored from them.

MetaMoJi Note Lite

One of the ways you can use it is to create notes. In fact, this program is a comprehensive product that allows you to solve office-type tasks of varying degrees of complexity. Text and graphic editors are present here. It is possible to make corrections to pdf files. There is a tool for creating graphic diagrams.

It is cross-platform. There are versions released for iOS and Windows. Different types of information can be used simultaneously in the recordings: text, pictures, audio, and video.

You can use different styles and colors, and change fonts. The use of media files and graphic diagrams will allow you to better understand the information recorded in the application. You can combine handwritten and typed text in documents. You can virtually zoom in and out.

The program can qualitatively carry out import and export of web pages. Information can be saved in the cloud data storage. It is possible to synchronize documents that work on different devices.

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