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Bulawayo dancer had sex with 50 married soccer players (SEE LIST)A 20-year-old Bulawayo dirty dancer, Thandie "Phongo" Sibindi has allegedly slept with over 50 footballers, most of them married, in Zimbabwe and South Africa, according to Zim Metro.

Thandie recently made headlines when her pics romping with forgotten ex Dembare Player Evans Gwekwerere were leaked onto social media.

Now it appears, according to reports, that she had bedded over fifty Zim soccer players and is willfully spreading HIV.

I present to you ******* Phongo ******* (Telephone number provided) the hardcore soccer babe who at only 20 years of age has had sex with over 50 soccer players (most of them are married) in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Among those players are:

Bulawayo dancer had sex with 50 married soccer players (SEE LIST)The list has been removed for legal reasons but includes 2 players from Mpumalanga Black Aces SA, a former Highlanders player who is now a mechanic, 3 current Bosso players, 2 players from How Mine, FC Platinum, SA based players, Witbank Spurs, Bantu Rovers, Wits University, Amazulu of South Africa and others who are club hunting.

The list is endless and she has no shame about being a home wrecker. So many homes are a mess because of her and seems she is not stopping anytime soon.

Rumour has it that she has HIV and spreads it to the players knowingly and insists on not using protection at all. when she gets pregnant she aborts and to date she has had quite a number of those, latest being for Bosso player. - Zimetro

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