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A TSHOLOTSHO man will spend three and a half years in jail for stuffing mhiripiri (chillies) in his "cheating" wife's privates. Mkhululi Mhlanga, 32, of Mlagisa Village was yesterday slapped with a four year jail term by Tsholotsho resident magistrate Abednico Ndebele who suspended six months conditionally for three years.

Mhlanga pleaded not guilty to two counts of domestic violence but was convicted. His wife was hospitalised following the incident.

The magistrate said he was shocked by Ncube's cruelty, adding the case was one of the most barbaric domestic violence incidents he has dealt with in years.

He said a prison sentence was befitting to send a message to would be offenders.

"The courts are worried by the escalation of domestic violence cases in Tsholotsho and we feel it's high time we send a message to the accused person and his ilk that harming and ill treating one's wife will not be tolerated by the courts," he said.

Prosecutor Sikhumbuzo Sibanda told the court that sometime in November last year, Ncube had a misunderstanding with his wife after he accused her of cheating on him.

"After exchanging harsh words and calling each other names, the man lost his temper and picked up a log which he used to assault her all over the body," said Sibanda.

The court heard the woman was seriously injured and bedridden for two weeks.

Mhlanga was not moved by his wife's condition and instead planned on punishing her further as he felt he had not done enough justice, the court heard.

The man took advantage of her condition as she could not run away and took chilli and stuffed it in her private parts. In mitigation, Ncube told the court that he was a father of two who survived on doing odd jobs and begged the court to be lenient with him.

A doctor's report that was produced in court as exhibit, confirmed chilli was found in the woman's private parts.

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