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Organisers of yesterday’s bond notes demo squabbled over $100 000, resulting in Tajamuka pulling out.

This is according to Zimbabwe People First spokesman, Jealousy Mawarire who said : My investigations reveal there was a pervasive smell of $100k that inadvertently became source of division among the demo organisers. Money

He added : “Organisers should be transparent and  tell us where $100k came from, how they used it and why Tajamuka wasn’t part 2 demo. We certainly have to investigate especially when these demo organisers want to blame us for the failure of their demos.”

Tendai Biti also said poverty was compromising the struggle. He said : “Lack of financial autonomy at a personal level is putting
a premium on this struggle. One becomes a vassal of all slime & nasty agendas.”

Mawarire added : “As long as the struggle is commercialised we will always have these solo sporadic selfie moments disguised
as demos. As long as the struggle is taken as a vault by some pple, these stillbirth demos will always be a sad part of us.

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