‘The first time I saw my girlfriǝnd without make-up I was completely sh0cked’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I’ve been dat!ng my girl for almost six months now. She has most of the attributes I want in a woman (cool, humble, respectful, doesn’t wear revealing clothes etc) but I just found out two weeks ago that she’s really ugly without make-up (I know what I am saying).

People always commend me that my girlfriend is hot whenever we hang out with friends or go to church or attend other social gatherings. Recently I confided in a friend about this issue, he told me, “manage bro, this is a small thing, she’s a good wife material”.

So I invited him home one day to give us a surprise visit and he was visibly sh0cked by what he saw.

She has a lot of acne scars, a really discoloured face, and virtually no eyebrows.

Yeah, I do feel bad about her skin, because I know she works hard to keep it clear. I saw all her face products when I was in her bathroom once.

She’s and angel on makeup but very ugly without it. I may sound shallow minded, but this issue bothers me deeply. I don’t need a goddess, I just need a normal girly face to behold at home not a scarecrow.

Even when she stays over at my place, she would have applied light makeup before I wake up, so I didn’t notice it in time. When I eventually noticed her real face two weeks ago, I assured her that we’ll find a solution. She also confided in me that she can’t go out without make-up because it affects her self-esteem.

What do I do, because I am thinking of ending it with her?

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