PLEASE HELP: My boyfriend never wants to have se_x with me, he doesn’t allow me to enter his bedroom

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Dear Aunty Lisa

This is the second time I am writing to you. I am 20 years old and I have a boyfriend who is 26 years old. We have been friends for four years and we have never had se_x. Whenever I tell my friends that we have never had se_x, they don’t believe me. One of my girlfriends told me that she would like to meet with him and to go with him on a date, and she is sure that when she is finished with him at the end of the date, he would lose his virgi_nity and would want to go with her again. She said that she does not believe that my boyfriend is normal. She said that all normal men want to have se_x.

My boyfriend said that he has wanted to have se_x, but he is able to keep his desire under control, and from time to time he mastur_bates. When he told me he mastur_bates, I asked him if while he is mastur_bating he thinks about me and he said yes, sometimes, but not all the time. I told him that if he is thinking about me while he is mastur_bating, then he is having se_x with me. He does not disagree with me.

He had a girlfriend, but she got preg_nant for one of his friends and it took four months for her to realise that she was preg_nant, so they broke up. He said he is not vexed with his friend for getting her preg_nant, but he is disappointed in this girl because he used to support her. She is older than his friend so she should not have had se_x with him. I would like us to get married as soon as I finish university, which is two years from now. He told me that he will wait until I am finished.

Don’t think I am bad, pastor, but sometimes I do feel for se_x. I don’t want to cheat on him like his former girlfriend. My boyfriend is very prominent in his church. I have gone to his house many times. He is still living with his mother. He does not even allow me to enter his bedroom even when his mother is not there.

Do you think anything is wrong with him or is he just very dedicated and is a good Christian?

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