VIDEO: Bizarre ritual takes horrifying twist: Businesswoman in trouble after having sǝx with madman


In a distressing tale from Gutu, Masvingo, a woman named Tariro is desperately reaching out for assistance after a money ritual she engaged in has turned into a haunting nightmare. Tariro, previously a successful businesswoman selling used clothes (mabhero) in Gutu, witnessed her business decline when an influx of competitors flooded the market at the end of last year.

Determined to salvage her struggling business, Tariro sought guidance from her friend, who owned a restaurant in Masvingo Town. Having heard her friend’s success story of seeking help from a sangoma in Binga, Tariro decided to embark on a journey to consult the same sangoma.

Upon arriving in Binga, the sangoma instructed Tariro to participate in a disturbing ritual involving an intimɑte encounter with a mentally ill man and collecting his semǝn. She was then instructed to mix the collected semen with a concoction provided by the sangoma and apply it to her face before conducting her business.

Following the sangoma’s instructions, Tariro experienced a miraculous revival of her business in Gutu, bringing her a temporary sense of joy and relief. However, her dreams turned into a sinister ordeal in February when she started having visions of the mentally ill man staring at her, shedding tears. By June, her nightmares escalated, with vivid images of the man engaging in intimɑte acts with her, causing her to wake up with bloodstained sheets.

Frightened and desperate, Tariro reached out to her friend, the restaurant owner, for support. Together, they decided to return to Binga to seek assistance from the sangoma. However, upon their arrival, they discovered that the sangoma had returned to Lilongwe in Malawi. Tariro’s friend, now distant and unresponsive, appeared to have abandoned her, while her own relatives had distanced themselves as well.

In her current dire situation, Tariro appeals to anyone who can offer assistance to come forward. She also issues a warning, urging individuals to refrain from consulting sangomas or engaging in rituals for the sake of material wealth.

Tariro’s unfortunate experience serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the dangers and potential consequences associated with seeking supernatural solutions without considering the possible repercussions.

Watch video below:

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