WATCH: Video of angry Zimbabwean workers bashing their Chinese boss goes viral


In a disturbing incident captured on video, a group of enraged workers in Zimbabwe was seen assaulting their Chinese boss amidst allegations of months of unpaid wages. The viral footage has sparked outrage and brought attention to the mistreatment of local employees by Chinese employers in the country.

The video depicts a confrontation between the employees and their Chinese boss, with the workers demanding their long-overdue salaries while shouting, “Where is our money?” Frustration escalates as the manager fails to provide a satisfactory response, leading to a violent altercation where one worker delivers a series of double claps to the boss.

While empathy is expressed for the workers’ plight, there are calls for peaceful and legal resolutions rather than resorting to vigilante actions. The use of violence to settle employment disputes is widely disapproved, with demands for the establishment of proper channels to address labour grievances.

Watch video below:

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