Controversial musician Fungisai who smuggled a bottle of Mahewu into an aeroplane finally clears the air on the fracas


UNDER fire musician, Fungisai Mashavave Zvakavapano, who jokingly smuggled a 400ml bottle of Mahewu into an aeroplane and applauded herself for seemingly violating aviation rules on carrying liquids as she posted a picture on social media, claims the bottle was empty and intended to entertain her followers.

Taking to her Facebook account at the weekend, Fungisai – who had been lambasted by followers for her actions – said she did not mean to harm anyone by boarding the plane with the bottle.

“It’s amazing how light moments are exaggerated. Please note that no one’s life was put in danger. I was just drinking my Premier Plus Maheu at the Airport before boarding and I carried the empty bottle onto the plane for fun with my fans.

“I do share jokes too and it’s very human to do so. It’s sad how others capitalise on such to demonise this gift.”

To further justify her actions, Fungisai claimed that there was no way she could have bypassed aviation security systems and smuggled liquids as part of her hand luggage.

“Aviation security systems are so mechanised that no excess liquid can go through and I assumed it was common knowledge hence making it an obvious joke. My sincere apologies to those who felt threatened by my joke.”

Capitalising on the incident, the musician has come up with a challenge where she has urged followers to join in on the fun and post pictures of themselves enjoying their favourite Mahewu.

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