Kuita sango kudai: Chaos in bush as bhinya bashes woman for not shɑving her privɑtǝ pɑrts

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A woman from Bulawayo went through a humiliating experience when a man emerged from the bush and allegedly gr0ped her privɑtǝ pɑrts before thrashing her with a rope as punishment for not shaving her privɑtǝ pɑrts.

It is reported that Lucky Mukandawire (28) from Bulawayo’s Matshobana suburb spotted the woman from afar and waited for her while hiding in the bush near the railway line.

When the unsuspecting woman who was heading to United College of Education (UCE), passed by he emerged from the bush and waved a knife at her while threatening to stab her if she screamed.

“The woman never screamed. He then asked her to choose between allowing him to insert his fingers into her privɑtǝ pɑrts or rɑping her, the woman chose the former,” said the source close to investigations.

The source added: “He then grabbed her before k!ss!ng her and inserting his fingers into her privɑtǝ pɑrts. He then accused her of not having shɑved her privɑtǝ pɑrts and thrashed her with a rope.”

“After that he ordered her to run away. After having walked for a few metres the woman met two men and narrated the ordeal to them”.

The source said the pair hunted down the alleged attacker, while they were tracking him down they met a police officer who was off duty and teamed up with him.

“The trio tracked him down and managed to catch up with him in Nguboyenja suburb near Flyover Bridge heading to his home and they apprehended him before taking him to a police station,” said the source.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

He discouraged community members from using footpaths and said by doing so they would be putting their lives at risk.

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