SH0CKING: Used coffin found in a room at Girls High School – What happened to the body…


MYSTERY surrounds a used coffin found in a room at Girls High School in Harare.

This has caused serious concern and confusion among education officials.

The coffin was found by district education officials who forcibly broke the door to the room in question after Girls High authorities had refused them access.

There are now ongoing investigations to determine when the coffin was placed and by whom.

No reports were made about it and it is yet to be disposed of.

Questions are now focusing on the following:

What happened to the body which was in the coffin?

When was the room closed and by whom?

Why were some former staff members visiting the premises at night?

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro, confirmed the bizarre incident and said investigations were underway.

“Investigations are underway since no one is aware of when the wooden coffin was placed in that room and the person who placed it,” said Ndoro.

“There was no formal report made and the wooden coffin is yet to be disposed of.”

Sources told H-Metro:

“The room was always closed for years long before the current headmistress came.

“Suspicion arose when the coffin was discovered with reports that one of the former staff members visited the room during the night.

“Her mission could not be ascertained and people were quick to point a finger.

“Questions that remain unanswered are, when was the coffin placed, where was the body taken to, who placed it and why that room was a no-go area for years?

“Pane umwe akanzwikwa achidaidzira kuti matifumura matifumura saka nyaya iyi hainakuendeswa kumapurisa.”

When H-Metro visited the school, the institution’s head said she was not around when the coffin was found.

“Even if I was aware of this coffin, I was going to refer you to the Ministry,” she said.

“However, I am not aware of this coffin you are talking about and during the week in question I was not present, as I was attending my father’s funeral.

“If the coffin was discovered by our district officials, they are the best people to answer your questions,” she said.

— HMetro

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