Tragic incident unfolds as man butchers wife with machete over cellphone dispute

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In a disturbing case that shook the community of Honde Valley, a man named Jim Kwaramba, aged 37, has been handed a life imprisonment sentence by Mutare High Court judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda.

The conviction came after Kwaramba brutally hacked his wife, Miriam Joni, with a machete in a fit of rage after she took his cellphone without his permission.

During the trial, it was revealed that on October 28, 2022, Kwaramba carried out the heinous act, striking his wife multiple times with a machete. The vicious blows landed on her right shoulder, mouth, chest, and the lower back of her head. Tragically, the injuries sustained proved fatal.

The court proceedings included testimony from witnesses who recounted the chilling events of that night. Rita Bwina, a neighbour of the couple, described hearing a scream emanating from Kwaramba’s residence around 2 a.m. Concerned, she approached the house and called out to Kwaramba, but received no response. Bwina then alerted Kwaramba’s mother, Kandala Maluwiza, about the disturbing incident.

Upon arriving at the scene, Bwina and Maluwiza discovered a horrifying sight. Joni’s lifeless, unclothed body lay in a pool of blood, with visible deep cuts on her shoulder and mouth. They also noticed scattered belongings, including packed bags, water buckets, and plates strewn across the floor.

Maluwiza, who had previously counselled the couple about their marital issues, revealed that the dispute stemmed from Joni’s claim that Kwaramba’s motorcycle would not start without her consent. She had advised them to resolve their differences amicably, and they seemed to have agreed before returning to their home, located approximately 250 meters away.

Later that night, Kwaramba arrived at Maluwiza’s house, informing her that he was leaving and entrusting her with the care of their children. He then departed, leaving a tragic turn of events in his wake.

Another witness, Netsai Njozomile, Kwaramba’s cousin, disclosed that she had previously intervened in a domestic dispute between the couple. Kwaramba had accused Joni of taking his cellphone without permission, but Njozomile successfully mediated the return of the device. However, tensions persisted as Kwaramba expressed his intention to travel to Mozambique.

Despite the overwhelming evidence and testimonies presented against him, Kwaramba maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

In delivering the sentence, Justice Muzenda emphasized the gravity of the crime, deeming it deserving of nothing less than life imprisonment.

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