Zimbabwe takes the lead in alcohol consumption – Is the nation drowning in booze?


Zimbabwe tops global alcohol consumption rankings, survey reveals startling figures

In a recent survey conducted by Wise Voter, Zimbabwe has emerged as one of the countries with the highest per capita alcohol consumption rates.

The findings indicate that an average Zimbabwean consumes a staggering 62.8 liters of pure alcohol annually, surpassing other nations on the list by a significant margin.

According to the American global institute, Wise Voter, which conducts research on various topics including politics, health, climate, and economy, Tunisia secured the second position with a per capita consumption of 36.6 liters. Eswatini followed closely in third place with 34.4 liters of alcohol consumed per person.

The comprehensive report provided a list of the top ten countries in terms of alcohol consumption per capita: Zimbabwe (62.8 liters), Tunisia (36.6 liters), Eswatini (34.4 liters), Maldives (33.7 liters), Afghanistan (33.5 liters), Namibia (32.4 liters), South Africa (29.9 liters), Algeria (29.1 liters), Turkey (28.5 liters), and Iran (28.4 liters).

The research highlighted that Zimbabwe ranked highest globally in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. This alarming figure signifies that an individual Zimbabwean may consume 62.8 liters of pure alcohol within a year. The report also mentioned an alcohol dependence prevalence rate of 2.2% among the population.

To provide context, the survey defined one serving of alcohol as 0.0177 fluid liters, which is equivalent to a 0.354-liter can/bottle of beer, a 0.148-liter glass of wine, or a 0.044-liter shot of liquor. When comparing alcohol consumption across countries, international organizations often consider liters of pure alcohol consumed.

Notably, the top three countries with the highest alcohol consumption rates, namely Zimbabwe, Tunisia, and Eswatini, have no prohibition on alcohol, but it is legally restricted to individuals above the age of 18.

In a related development, Delta Beverages reported record-breaking lager beer consumption in Zimbabwe during 2022, resulting in revenues of US$713 million for the country’s largest brewer. Additionally, the market for sorghum beer surpassed four million hectoliters.

The findings of this survey shed light on the concerning levels of alcohol consumption in Zimbabwe, urging authorities and stakeholders to address the potential health and social implications associated with excessive drinking.

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