Bizarre Heist: See what this man stole and got 10 years behind bars


Harare man receives 10-year sentence for stealing NRZ’s wagon coupler

In an unusual turn of events, a man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing a wagon coupler that belonged to the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). Denzel Dzvairo, a resident of Harare, was apprehended by NRZ loss control officers on December 9, 2023, raising questions about his motives for pilfering such an item when he does not own a train.

The NRZ, in a statement, expressed its satisfaction with the court’s decision to impose a substantial mandatory sentence on individuals involved in the theft of the organization’s property.

The stolen wagon coupler was taken from a stationary wagon, and Dzvairo was arrested alongside an accomplice, who later became a state witness in the case. The NRZ commended the court for recognizing the importance of imposing deterrent sentences on those who steal crucial equipment essential for the operation of trains.

The motive behind Dzvairo’s actions remains unclear. Stealing a wagon coupler, a significant component used for connecting wagons, raises eyebrows, particularly since Dzvairo does not possess a train of his own.

“A Harare man was on Thursday sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing a wagon coupler. Denzel Dzvairo was arrested by NRZ Loss Control details on 9 December together with an accomplice who later turned into a State Witness.”

“The coupler was stolen from a stabled wagon. The NRZ commends the courts for imposing deterrent mandatory sentences on people stealing the organisation’s equipment crucial in the running of trains,” reads the NRZ statement.

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