Maid remanded in custody for stealing US$20,000 from employer’s boyfriend


Maid charged with allegedly stealing US$20,000 from employer’s boyfriend’s residence

A Harare woman employed as a maid has made an appearance in court on charges of theft after allegedly stealing US$20,000 from her employer’s boyfriend’s house.

Cecelia Chirwa appeared before Harare Magistrate Mrs. Ruth Moyo for her initial hearing and has been remanded in custody pending a bail ruling.

The complainant in the case is Tawanda Gabriel Makota Mhosva (44).

According to the State, led by Mr. Zebediah Bofu, the incident took place on January 9 at approximately 8 am at Mhosva’s residence located at the corner of 3rd and Tongogara Avenue in Harare. The complainant left US$20,000 in a small bag inside a monarch, which was kept in his wardrobe. Prior to leaving for Kadoma, he secured his apartment by closing all windows, locking all doors, and entrusted the keys to his girlfriend, Sarah Mutsamwira, for safekeeping.

On January 11, Mutsamwira handed the keys to Chirwa to carry out her usual laundry duties at Mhosva’s apartment. Then, on January 18, upon Mhosva’s return from Kadoma, Mutsamwira returned the keys to him. However, when Mhosva attempted to open the bedroom door, he discovered that it was unlocked. Upon inspection, he realized that his money had been stolen and immediately reported the matter to the police.

Investigations revealed that Chirwa was the sole person who had access to the apartment, as she had used the keys to open both the main door and the bedroom door. No signs of forced entry were observed at the scene.

Please note that this article has been rewritten based on the provided information.

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