Horror as 9-year-old schoolboy ‘hangs self’ over missing socks

Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko

The tight-knit community of Gokwe was left in a state of disbelief as news spread about the suspected suicide of a 9-year-old boy. The distressing incident unfolded on the morning of February 7, 2024, sending shockwaves through the neighbourhood.

Authorities have confirmed that the young boy, identified as Clive Mpala, was found hanging from the dish drying rack in his home. His grandmother, Patricia Munkuli, made the heartbreaking discovery and immediately alerted the police. The authorities are currently conducting investigations to unravel the circumstances surrounding this devastating loss.

Clive, a Grade 4 student at Zhamba Primary School in Gokwe South, had woken up that morning with the intention of getting ready for school. However, he encountered an obstacle when he couldn’t find his socks. In a desperate search for them, Clive turned to his grandmother for assistance, but she too was unable to locate the missing pair.

Sensing her grandson’s unease, Patricia advised Clive not to attend school if he felt uncomfortable and left the house to purchase groceries from Zhamba Business Centre. Little did she know that this would be the last conversation she would have with Clive.

Upon her return, Patricia was met with a devastating sight. Clive’s lifeless body was discovered hanging from a shed on the family’s property. Overwhelmed with grief, she immediately contacted the police, who swiftly arrived at the scene. The boy’s body was then transported to Gokwe South District Hospital for further examination and investigation.

Inspector Emmanuel Mohoko, spokesperson for the Midlands Police, confirmed the tragic incident and appealed to the public for any information that could shed light on the circumstances leading to Clive’s untimely death.

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