From prophecy to prosperity: Chivayo reveals net worth exceeding US$100m, eyes billionaire status


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo recently announced that he considers himself a centi-millionaire, with a net worth exceeding US$100 million. He expressed his determination to become a billionaire within the next nine years, or possibly even sooner. Chivayo’s statement came in response to an article published in H-Metro, which suggested that he still had a long way to go to achieve his dream of joining the “Billionaire Boys Club.”

Earlier this week, Chivayo proclaimed that he was destined to become a billionaire and that nothing would stand in his way. He stated, “Sekai henyu asi Mwari wandinonamata anondinzwa.

“I just need nine years chete, if not less, saka ndinoti nyorai pasi muchapupura hukuru hwake Mwari wedu wemakomo asingashanduke.

“Ndakarara mugomo 3 days ndichinamata ndikanzi kubva nhasi wave billionaire zviri munzira mako saka so far ndine ka 100 hangu ndasara ne900 slowly, but surely I will get there.

“ZvaMwari zvinoda patience, but ndinosvika chete.”

Chivayo revealed his net worth of over US$100 million for the first time, placing him in an elite group of wealthy individuals on the African continent, which has a population of approximately 1.48 billion people. According to the 2023 Africa Wealth Report, the number of millionaires in Africa is expected to increase by 42 percent over the next eight years, reaching 195,000 by 2032.

It is worth noting that Zimbabwe is one of two Southern African countries with a black billionaire, as Strive Masiyiwa and South Africa’s Patrice Motsepe have already achieved this significant milestone.

Considering Chivayo’s claimed net worth of US$100 million, let’s explore where he stands in comparison to other wealthy individuals:

  • He joins the ranks of 98 centi-millionaires in South Africa.
  • Egypt boasts 54 centi-millionaires.
  • Nigeria has 27 centi-millionaires among its population of 218 million.
  • Tanzania has six centi-millionaires.
  • Ghana has a mere five centi-millionaires.
  • Algeria is home to eight centi-millionaires.
  • Ethiopia has four centi-millionaires.
  • Mauritius has ten centi-millionaires.
  • Morocco has 28 centi-millionaires.

Chivayo, a 41-year-old businessman, believes in a prophecy he claims to have received in 1994, which foretold his achievement of this financial milestone. While he acknowledges that he has reached an exclusive echelon of wealthy individuals, he is determined to surpass this and ultimately become a billionaire. He confidently states that he will reach this goal within the next nine years, aspiring to join the ranks of the world’s wealthiest individuals before or by the age of 50.

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