Police officer sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping Form 5 girl


A police officer based in Rushinga has been handed a 15-year jail term after being found guilty of ƨǝxuɑlly assaulting a Lower Six student. Tarisai Madondo, the accused, received the sentencing from Bindura magistrate Amos Mbobo following a comprehensive trial.

According to the prosecution led by Edward Katsvairo, the incident occurred on September 26 of the previous year when the victim boarded a bus to her school in Rushinga. Unknowingly, she sat next to Madondo, who was dressed in full police uniform at the time.

Madondo noticed that the complainant had jelly gummies in her possession, which he falsely claimed contained alcohol. Seizing this opportunity, he threatened to report her to the school authorities and subsequently force-marched her to a police base.

Tragically, the victim was detained overnight, enduring a harrowing ordeal. Throughout the night, Madondo repeatedly raped her while using a cond0m, only releasing her the following morning.

After a thorough investigation and a fair trial, the court found Madondo guilty of the heinous crimes committed against the student. In response, Bindura magistrate Amos Mbobo handed down a 15-year prison sentence.

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