LATEST: Nelson Chamisa begs listening President ED Mnangagwa for dialogue


Nelson Chamisa urges SADC mediation for talks with President Mnangagwa to revive Zimbabwe’s ailing economy

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is actively seeking SADC’s intervention to facilitate discussions between himself and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, aiming to find common ground and address Zimbabwe’s economic crisis.

Chamisa emphasized the need for dialogue with Mnangagwa during his address at the funeral of Petronella Mukwende, the mother-in-law of Patrick Cheza, a candidate who contested the 2023 elections in Chirumhanzu South.

Chamisa firmly believes that engaging in talks with the President will lead to solutions for the country’s challenges.

Expressing concern over the state of the economy, Chamisa criticized Mnangagwa’s leadership and its impact on Zimbabwe’s citizens, citing a significant brain drain as people seek better opportunities abroad.

In his metaphorical language, Chamisa stated that Mnangagwa’s efforts in governance were ineffective, comparing them to a fire facing a wall.

Mukwende, a respected community leader, church elder, and social worker, left behind numerous grandchildren, many of whom reside overseas.

Chamisa bemoaned the increasing number of Zimbabweans leaving the country and emphasized the importance of rebuilding and developing their own nation, which currently suffers from inadequate service delivery and limited incomes for workers.

“I heard that about 300 relatives (of the late Mukwende) are in UK (United Kingdom). This is very worrisome and this is where the country needs to be cured. We can’t have our people working abroad, we can’t have the productive workforce being in foreign lands,” said Chamisa.

Highlighting the dire state of the economy, he cited the significant presence of Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom, stressing the need for citizens to return home and contribute to the country’s progress.

“We cannot have multitudes of people failing to work for their country because they are abroad. We want Zimbabweans to come back into their country and enjoy their country,” he said.

During his speech, Chamisa praised Zimbabwe’s natural beauty and its compassionate people, highlighting their ability to work collectively to address and rectify the current challenges.

This public appearance at the funeral marked one of Chamisa’s few recent engagements following his departure from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), amid rumours of an upcoming launch of a new political formation with a blue colour theme.

Chamisa was accompanied by his trusted ally Amos Chibaya and Masvingo City Mayor Alec Tabe, among other attendees.

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