Disturbing details emerge in case of boy who raped his cousin and chopped her body into pieces

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In a harrowing incident that has left the community of Siamputeni Village 44 in Binga, Matabeleland North Province, reeling, a 16-year-old boy has been declared mentally fit to stand trial after allegedly raping and gruesomely dismembering his 17-year-old cousin. The shocking crime has sent shockwaves through the area, leaving residents in disbelief.

The teenager, whose identity is being protected for legal reasons, was deemed mentally fit to face trial by Hwange magistrates’ court following two mental health evaluations conducted by medical professionals, in accordance with the Mental Health Act.

The horrifying details of the crime emerged during the boy’s recent appearance before Binga resident magistrate, Mr Victor Mpofu, where he faced two counts of rape and one count of murder. He has been remanded in custody pending further legal proceedings.

According to court documents, the incident occurred on the afternoon of February 26th at the victims’ homestead. The accused was engrossed in watching videos on his mobile phone while resting in a bedroom, while his cousin was sleeping on the veranda.

It is alleged that a dispute erupted between the two over a phone, resulting in the accused smashing the victim’s cell phone in a fit of anger. Following the altercation, the girl sought refuge inside the house to rest. However, the accused, who had reportedly been watching porn0graphic videos, pursued her and violently assaulted her, tearing off her clothes and committing the despicable act of rape.

After the ƨǝxuɑl assault, the victim, still traumatized, informed the accused that she intended to report the incident to her mother. Enraged by the prospect of exposure, the accused seized an axe and struck the young girl once on the neck, instantly ending her life. He then proceeded to decapitate her and sever her left limb using the same axe.

In a disturbing twist, the accused admitted during police interrogation that he committed the murder because he had been promised money by individuals in Kwekwe in exchange for a human head and leg. This shocking revelation has further deepened the horror surrounding the case.

Following the brutal act, the accused dragged the dismembered body to the edge of a maize field, callously discarding the remains. He also mutilated the victim’s body, cutting pieces of flesh from her back, right thigh, and abdomen, exposing her intestines.

The court was further told that the accused took the head and left leg, placing them approximately 10 metres from the body. He then discarded the flesh onto the edge of the maize field. The accused took the knife and washed it before leaving it on the veranda. He then left. He was arrested while attempting to cross nearby Chizarira National Park.

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