Disappointing Turnout: Passion Java’s bid to fill National Sports Stadium ends in embarrassment

Prophet Panganai Passion Java

Passion Java’s “Night of Wonders” event fails to draw crowds at National Sports Stadium

In a much-anticipated religious gathering dubbed the “Night of Wonders,” controversial ZANU PF activist and self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java, faced disappointment as the event held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare failed to attract a substantial crowd on Thursday night.

Prior to the event, Java had boldly declared that he would cease preaching if he couldn’t fill the 80,000-seat stadium. However, reports indicate that despite collaborative efforts with ZANU PF to mobilize supporters and provide transportation, the attendance fell far short of expectations.

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono took to social media platform X to express his skepticism about the event, claiming that it was not a genuine religious gathering but rather a political display aimed at furthering long-term political ambitions. Chin’ono emphasized the association between Java and President Mnangagwa, asserting that the ruling party had urged its members to attend the event. Nevertheless, the National Sports Stadium remained largely empty.

Chin’ono further criticized the manipulation of religion for political purposes and highlighted the economic challenges faced by Zimbabwe, including high unemployment rates, soaring inflation, limited access to clean water, and a struggling healthcare system. He attributed the low turnout to the growing awareness among citizens regarding Java’s alleged deception and false prophecies.

The respected journalist also suggested that the lackluster attendance could signify internal divisions within the ruling party, with factional battles potentially influencing the event’s outcome. He expressed hope that the public’s refusal to participate in what he deemed a charade would send a powerful message to both the ruling party and manipulative preachers.

The incident has sparked discussions about the abuse of religion for political gain in Zimbabwe, particularly in a climate of widespread poverty and desperation. Critics argue that citizens, facing dire circumstances, may be more susceptible to manipulation in exchange for basic necessities.

Read Chin’ono’s statement below:

Chalu-Chalu-Chalu says the fake prophet as he hoodwinks unsuspecting and desperate congregants🤣🤣🤣

This fake prophet, called Passion Java, who is President Mnangagwa’s associate, failed to fill the 80k-seater National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Even with the help of the ruling ZANUPF party, which sent messages to its structures to get their supporters to attend the fake prophet’s so-called Night of Wonders with the provision of many free buses, the stadium was empty.

The citizens have caught up on his lies and fake prophecies; that is why the regime won’t allow any other terrestrial television station in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe only had one TV station, the only African country of significance with one TV station.

Last night was not about genuine prayer; it was meant to be a show of force for long-term political plans, but it spectacularly collapsed as the man who made a poor attempt to look like Michael Jackson was left to do his silly tricks to an empty stadium.

The buses came back empty too because, unlike an election, the ruling party, which tried everything to help him, couldn’t rig the numbers that came!

It is also a sign of divisions in the ruling party, there are factional battles and Java is part of a faction.

The abuse of religion for political ends by the ruling party is at an all-time high. Sadly, when a nation’s people are poor and living in abject man-made poverty, they will believe anything in exchange for a meal.

Hopefully, the refusal to turn up for the charade yesterday sends a powerful message to the ruling party and its charlatan preachers!

This is happening in a country with 95% unemployment, the highest inflation in the world, no clean drinking running water, a collapsed hospital system, yet grown men seat down to plan this nonsense to brainwash citizens!

Corrupt rule will try anything to stay in power, thankfully the citizens rejected this latest cheap antic!



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