Musician Kireni Zulu reveals how many women he has slept with in 66 years: ‘I have 10 children’


In an industry often characterized by indulgence and temptation, Kireni Zulu stands out as a beacon of unwavering commitment and family values. The celebrated musician, renowned for his mellifluous melodies and captivating performances, has shared an astounding revelation about his personal life.

In an interview with H-Metro, Kireni disclosed that he has spent 66 years on this planet faithfully devoted to one woman — his beloved wife. Their enduring bond has not only weathered the storms of time but has also borne the fruit of ten beautiful children.

In a world where infidelity often makes headlines, Kireni’s commitment to his wife and family is truly remarkable. He reflects on his extraordinary journey with pride, highlighting the significance of his decision to remain faithful amidst the allure of fame and fortune. The music industry, known for its temptations and admirers vying for a piece of stardom, has seen numerous stars succumb to the charms of adoring fans. However, Kireni’s choice to stay true to his wife and make his family the cornerstone of his life sets him apart.

“I have neither loved nor slept with any other woman, except my wife, since birth,” Kireni shared with a genuine sense of contentment. “I just fell in love with the woman I finally got married to, and I have never slept with anyone else throughout my life. I have 10 children, and only one wife. I fell in love with my wife, proposed to her, and finally married her, and she has remained the only woman for me to date.”

Kireni’s commitment to monogamy is a personal choice, and he refrains from passing judgment on those who practice polygamy. His focus remains on the deep love and connection he shares with his wife, whose identity he chooses to keep private. Together, they have been blessed with ten children, each with a unique name and individuality that adds richness to their family tapestry. Jadren, Radon, Pharen, Oren, Brenny, Lydan, Esin, Rasin, Falyn, and Abren form a vibrant and cherished part of their lives.

When asked about the age at which he tied the knot, Kireni playfully responds, “That is my secret now; we will talk about that later. I often do not like my true life to be public, but I want it to be publicized after my death.” The musician’s humility shines through his words, revealing a genuine desire to maintain a sense of privacy while leaving a lasting legacy.

Among Kireni’s aspirations is to match his own father’s achievement of fathering eleven children. However, he acknowledges the challenges posed by limited resources in achieving this dream. “My wish is to have, at least, 11 children so that I match my father. It is, however, going to be difficult since resources are now a challenge,” he shared with our sister newspaper, The Sunday Mail. Despite these obstacles, Kireni’s meticulous planning and responsible approach to fatherhood have ensured that his children’s needs, such as education, are always met.

“For instance, I have never had problems with my children’s school fees; the school authorities can confirm that,” Kireni proudly declared. “I make sure that each time I get money from our gigs after the weekend, I straight away go to pay the fees, be it in part or in full. The school authorities trust me because I have created a good reputation over the years.”

Beyond providing for his children’s education, Kireni actively supports their individual passions and talents. His daughter Esin, in particular, has shown a remarkable aptitude for music. “My daughter Esin is doing great in music; she started music while she was at nursery school,” Kireni shared. As a father who once walked the path of a musician, he takes pride in supporting his children’s artistic endeavors, ensuring that they have the necessary guidance and resources to flourish.

Furthermore, Kireni’s foresight extends to securing a future for his children even after his time. With great care and consideration, he has invested in housing stands for each of his offspring. “In that regard, I have made sure that I buy each and every one of them a housing stand. I have stands in Chinhoyi, Kadoma, and Marondera,” he revealed. By providing tangible assets, Kireni seeks to alleviate any future hardships his children might face, allowing them to build their lives with a solid foundation.

Kireni Zulu’s extraordinary commitment to his wife and family serves as an inspiration to many. His unwavering loyalty and dedication have not only shaped his personal life but also influenced his music career.

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