10 years in prison for stabbing his own father 5 times while trying to rape his niece

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In a harrowing incident that unfolded in Bulawayo’s Pumula South suburb, a courageous niece managed to escape a horrifying assault, only for her uncle to turn his rage towards his own father, B-Metro has reported.

The shocking sequence of events occurred late in the evening, leaving the community stunned and shaken. The assailant, identified as Busani Casper Mlauzi, has been sentenced to a decade behind bars for his heinous actions.

According to court records at the Western Commonage regional magistrate’s office, Busani Mlauzi faced an attempted murder charge after he mercilessly attacked his father, Flyson Mlauzi (72). The motive behind the brutal assault was reportedly his father’s intervention, which thwarted Busani’s attempt to rape his own niece. The accused pleaded guilty to the charge, expressing remorse for his actions and seeking forgiveness from his father.

“I’m really sorry for what I did. I was under the influence of Broncleer syrup and njengu. I don’t know how I stabbed my father. I feel ashamed for what I did,” Busani confessed, as reported by bmetro.

Despite his remorseful plea, the presiding magistrate, Sibongile Msipa-Marondedze, delivered a stern judgment. Busani Mlauzi was sentenced to ten years in prison, with five years suspended on the condition that he does not commit a similar offense within the next five years. The magistrate emphasized the gravity of drug abuse, highlighting the government’s ongoing efforts to combat this epidemic plaguing the nation.

During the trial, chilling details of the nightmarish incident emerged. On the fateful night of 23rd March, Busani, in an intoxicated state, arrived home late, only to enter the room where his niece was sleeping. In a terrifying act, he allegedly attempted to sexually assault her. Swiftly reacting to the imminent danger, the brave young girl managed to escape, seeking refuge in her grandfather’s bedroom. However, Busani pursued her relentlessly.

The commotion awakened Flyson Mlauzi, who raced to protect his granddaughter from the clutches of her assailant. Tragically, this act of heroism led to Flyson becoming the target of his own son’s wrath. Busani, consumed by rage, stabbed his father five times, causing him to collapse in a pool of blood. After the brutal attack, Busani fled the scene, leaving his father fighting for his life.

Flyson Mlauzi was rushed to the hospital, where medical professionals battled to stabilize his critical condition. Meanwhile, authorities were alerted to the horrifying incident, leading to Busani’s subsequent arrest. The police swiftly initiated an investigation into the matter, ensuring that justice would be served for the victims of this tragic event.

The magistrate, while passing the sentence, underscored the grave threat that Busani’s behavior posed to society. She commended the family member who intervened, as their courageous actions prevented an even more catastrophic outcome. The court’s decision aimed to send a clear message to potential offenders, highlighting the severe consequences awaiting those who perpetrate such heinous acts.

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