He lived a courageous lifestyle: 2 ‘Chiefs’ & Muzambe speak on juju snake in Ginimbi’s house reports


GENIUS Ginimbi Kadungure’s friends have rubbished claims that there was a juju snake in the late socialite’s house.

The friends who include Chief Albert Ndabambi, Chief Jose Tazvi Mhaka, Brian Nyanyiwa, Brighton Bako Buks, Ronald Muzambe and Dino Tumbare on Tuesday challenged those who were also making claims that Ginimbi had bought a coffin and prepared for his funeral to come forward and take the coffin out of the sprawling mansion.

Dino said it was important for those who were claiming that Ginimbi had a juju snake to come to his house and show then where it is since they have known the late for a longtime a hard worker and go getter.

“Come and show us the snake. Genius never had any juju snake.

“He was a hard worker,” Dino said.

Another Ginimbi confidante Chief Jose said it was appalling that people come up with all sorts of narrative to soil a name that Ginimbi earned for himself.

“These narratives are dangerous to the youths and young generation.

“What will the youths learn? The younger generation will be quick to think that the source of wealth is juju rather than hard work.

“It was all hard work and not juju,” he said.

He was echoed by Chief Albert who said Genius was like any other person who would have highs and lows in life but was quick to come up with new business ideas.

“Genius would also get down financially but he would come up with new ideas and rise up again,” said Chief Albert.

Muzambe said as Genius Kadungure’s close friendship circle they were struggling with emotions to accept that Ginimbi was no more. “As we grieve, we ask that social media and all platforms spreading falsehoods about Ginimbi’s wealth, seek first the truth before fabricating rituals and coffins and cults around his legacy.

“We are a broken society whose fabric has been ripped, laying bare the evil and callousness which lurks in our hearts. We have resorted to developing conspiracy theories because we cannot comprehend how hard people can work.

“We have all had 36 years to know and understand Ginimbi and his numerous sources of wealth. If no one asked him while he was alive, why speculate now that he is dead?” he said.

Muzambe said Genius lived a courageous lifestyle, skirting on the edge of vulnerability.

“Many a business strategist will tell you that on the other side of fear is courage, innovation and great success. Genius did just that.

“We had the privilege of working hand in glove with him, witnessing his sheer hard work and exemplary work ethic first hand.

“His tangible assets and companies that generated income for him are there for everyone to see. It is common knowledge that Genius was one of the earliest resellers of LP gas in Zimbabwe and he had successful companies in Botswana as well.

“It is extremely unfortunate that some rogue elements within society are fabricating unfounded stories in a desperate attempt to distort the legacy of Genius Kadungure, at a time when we should be acknowledging his tireless efforts to put Zimbabwe on the entrepreneurial map, notwithstanding the selfless role he played in influencing the youth that it is possible to break the shackles of poverty.

“To break the cycle of poverty, we need to do better as a society. The colonisation of the mind is a terrible thing. Please may we gather the little humanity we have left in us to give this legend a great send-off with respect to his friends and family during this difficult time.

“Put some respect on his name,” Muzambe said.

Meanwhile, Ginimbi’s friends last night visited Moana’s homestead in Highfield where handed over groceries and beverages as well as US$3000 for funeral expenses.

— HMetro

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