Socialite Olinda Chapel and Wicknell Chivayo’s war of words: Olinda strongly warns Zanu PF

Sir Wicknell Chivayo

UNITED Kingdom based socialite Olinda Chapel has warned Zanu PF against using Wicknell Chivayo as their campaign ‘tool’.

Chapel told the ruling party to desist from flashing cash and gifts, but rather tackle people’s needs, especially improving the crippled health care.

Chapel and Chivayo, were engaged in a heated exchange on social media, with Chapel criticising Chivayo’s spending choices and advocating for addressing Zimbabwe’s social challenges.

The war of words, began with Chapel’s Facebook post criticising Chivayo for gifting musician Macheso a luxurious car, claiming it wasn’t a genuine act of generosity. She suggested that the money could have been better spent addressing Zimbabwe’s pressing issues like healthcare.

Chivayo dismissed Chapel’s comments, attributing them to a common ailment causing excessive anger.

Chapel further alleged that despite his public disapproval, Chivayo previously expressed interest in her.

Chapel argued that the money used for the car could have significantly improved the lives of Zimbabweans by funding essential services like dialysis machines.

Chapel urged the ruling party, Zanu PF, to address the country’s basic needs like healthcare, education, and employment, instead of what she perceived as unnecessary displays of wealth.

“Zanu PF, if this is a campaign for 2030 please remove this idiot he is making you look bad than good . Give to the people what the people want. The basics Healthcare Education Employment, she said “.

Chapel went on to speak about Chivayo’s Gwanda solar power scheme saga.

“Right now 80% of you are cheering for the new cars whilst using candle lighting of torches yet Chivayo squandered money meant to power the whole country,” she said.

The Gwanda solar project aimed to generate 100 megawatts of electricity. Chivayo, through his company Intratek, was awarded the tender. He was accused of receiving an advanced payment of US$5.6 million without delivering any significant work.

Questions arose regarding the tender process and potential conflicts of interest, leading to Chivayo facing charges of fraud related to the project funds.

In 2023, Chivayo and his company were acquitted due to unreasonable delays in the prosecution. However, the acquittal doesn’t necessarily imply Chivayo’s innocence regarding the project’s progress.

While Chivayo was acquitted on technical grounds, the project’s shortcomings and the initial accusations of financial mismanagement remain a cause for concern.

The Gwanda solar project remains unfinished, and Zimbabwe grapples with persistent power shortages. The Standard.

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