Chaos as woman confesses to bedding her boss after hubby found love messages in her phone

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A Rusape couple’s marriage recently collapsed after the husband cheated with their married maid.

The man, Taurai Chibwana’s affair with the maid Ruth Makwavara unearthed by his wife Tafadzwa Juba.

Following the incident, Ruth was sent packing by her husband while Taurai and Tafadzwa parted ways awaiting filing of divorces papers.

Taurai and Tafadzwa got married in 2010 before they wedded in 2017.

Sources close to the incident confirmed that the love triangle occurred in June where Taurai was fined for adul_tery.

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“This issue happened in June after Taurai’s wife got to know about the affair.

“At some point she confronted the two (Taurai and Ruth) but both denied the relationship.

“All hell broke loose when Ruth’s husband got the messages and confronted Taurai who denied the affair.

“Later on Ruth confessed to dating Taurai after the husband found some chats again and she lost her marriage,” said the source.

Contacted for comment, Tafadzwa confirmed the incident and expressed her anger on Ruth for destroying her marriage.

“Who gave you the story but anyway I am angry with Ruth because she destroyed my marriage.

“We got married with my husband in 2010 and wedded in 2017 and Ruth (maid) came in 2010 and left this year after she cheated.

“We have two children and the maid was married before she was chased over the adul_tery.

“My husband was also fined for having a relationship with the married woman.

“I am currently staying alone after we separated with my husband,” she said.

Prior to their ‘divorce’ Tafadzwa said neither did her husband nor the maid admit to their shenanigans.

“Her husband used to work for my husband and he saw some messages before he confronted him (my husband).

“My husband denied the issue citing that they were lies but he later found some messages in her phone which were coming from my husband.

“They had an appointment and he then confronted her before she deleted the messages.

“Takaitwa mapenzi after vadestroyer the evidence but the marriages collapsed.”

Tafadzwa said more evidence came when she invited Ruth to her place of residence.

“After we separated, my husband would come home, that’s when I had access to his phone after I noticed his password, I copied their chats with Ruth.

“I later on started talking to her since she would always deny the affair but she later confessed due to the chats.

“I invited her to my place where I beat her up prompting the confession.

“I asked her to write down everything in the presence of her husband. I also noticed that she had other boyfriends whom she was dating.

“She had the guts to mock me,” she said.

Taurai contradicted himself and admitted to have been fined over the issue.

“Who told you about that issue? Give me their names. Where you are right now? They told you so what?

“She told me she was divorced and we dated while she was no longer staying with us.

“Her husband caught some messages but they were not mine.

“I talked to her husband and I told him it was not me.”

Added Taurai:

“Yes I paid the fine for the sake of peace.

“I decided to say sorry since we stay in the same area and you know zvekutaura taura zvononetsa so, that’s why I paid.

“But when people are divorced is there any need for someone to claim the woman back.

“I also discovered she had other boyfriends,” he said.

Ruth’s former husband Nyasha Mukonyora confirmed to have lost his wife to Taurai.

“We separated because of Taurai and I gave up on the marriage.

“I am in pain to an extent I told Taurai’s wife not involve me in all these issues.

“Ndini ndakanyengerwa mukadzi so there is no need to involve me in this issue again,” he said.

However, Ruth’s mobile number was not reachable.

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