LATEST: Walter Magaya’s bold vision for Chitungwiza’s sporting future revealed


Walter Magaya sets sights on constructing stadiums in Chitungwiza after Heart Stadium success

Following the successful inauguration of his Heart Stadium in Waterfalls, PHD leader Walter Magaya is now turning his attention to his hometown of Chitungwiza, with plans to construct similar sporting facilities.

The newly commissioned 5,000-seater Heart Stadium, complete with state-of-the-art features and modern amenities, was officially opened in a grand ceremony attended by prominent government officials, ambassadors, business figures, football authorities, coaches, and celebrated players.

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To finance the ambitious Heart Stadium project, Magaya made significant personal sacrifices, including the sale of four houses, two luxury cars, and 64 residential stands. The facility boasts unique elements such as trendy dugouts, world-class dressing rooms equipped with 100-inch television sets and cutting-edge electronic devices, a VIP enclosure, corporate boxes, and even a sophisticated suspended playing pitch.

While Magaya expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received during the stadium’s inauguration, he expressed disappointment that the Zifa Normalisation Committee, the custodians of local football, chose not to attend despite being formally invited.

Speaking with the media after the ceremony, Magaya emphasized his desire to replicate the success of the Heart Stadium by constructing similar stadiums in Chitungwiza. His vision is to provide talented young footballers in the dormitory town with the necessary infrastructure to fulfil their sporting dreams. As a former gifted footballer himself, Magaya understands the importance of proper facilities in nurturing talent and wants to ensure that the current and future generations have the opportunities he didn’t have.

Magaya previously proposed a deal to the Chitungwiza Town Council to renovate Chibuku Stadium as a home ground for his Premiership side, Yadah FC. Unfortunately, the council officials declined to grant him a long lease, leading to the collapse of the deal. Undeterred, Magaya appealed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for intervention during the Heart Stadium inauguration, requesting support in his efforts to construct stadiums in Chitungwiza.

During a subsequent meeting with the Chitungwiza City Council, Magaya sought to revive the deal, making it the third time he had engaged in such discussions. However, his efforts were met with further setbacks as no progress was made. Undeterred by the slow response, Magaya remains resolute in his commitment to Chitungwiza and its residents, determined to bring life to the city through the construction of two stadiums. He has comprehensive plans in place and sponsors ready to support his vision. With a population of approximately one million people, Magaya believes Chitungwiza is deserving of the much-needed assistance, and his dream is to provide the community with top-class stadiums.

As Magaya’s pursuit of his vision continues, the Chitungwiza City Council holds the key to unlocking the potential of the town’s sporting future. The ball is now in their court to decide whether to embrace Magaya’s proposal and kickstart the transformation of Chitungwiza through the construction of modern sporting facilities.

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