How to find HQ phone number online?


Mobile communications have undergone many changes in recent years. Having come to replace landline phones, it is gradually giving way to virtual telephony. You can order a connection to virtual telephony using the service Also here you will find out how many benefits this technology provides for your business.

When does a company need virtual telephony?

Landline phones may be a familiar solution for many companies, but today’s realities require you to adapt to them. There are more clients coming from the Internet. They are used to getting advice and help over the phone, but if there is only one phone line, it will be difficult to get through to you, and the company will begin to lose customers (and profits) just because of this. Added to this are other factors:

  • The company has to change location, offices or scale from time to time – and therefore there is no way to use traditional telephony.
  • In the premises where the company is located, there is no possibility to hold a telephone line at all.
  • Managers and executives often have to interact with clients and customers while away from the office.

In all these cases, IP telephony comes to the rescue and becomes that profitable and convenient solution that closes all the problems listed above at once.

How to choose a HQ virtual number?

Go to the official website of Hottelecom and determine the purpose of connecting virtual telephony. For some, it is enough to stay in touch via SMS, others – to receive calls, and still others – to listen to the recordings of operators and do marketing research based on this. For all tasks, you can choose a quality solution.

IP telephony allows you to do without a physical SIM card, installation and configuration of equipment and other difficulties. In addition, you can select a number that reflects your region.

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To proceed to number selection, you need to register on the Hottelecom service, select a country, region, type of virtual connection, and then you will be able to select a memorable number for your organization.

Let your business keep up with the times using modern tools such as high-quality virtual telephony from Hottelecom!

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