The escalation of Zanu PF factional fights in the contentious Manicaland province in the women’s league and other party wings for all intents and purposes is retrogressive, as they depict Zimbabwe as some kind of “warzone”
We believe the political fights, along factional lines, have a negative effect on the country’s economy. Besides, these unnecessary fights have relegated the country to some kind of banana republic, hence we call on President Robert
A purported son of the founding members of Zanu PF Moses Madzovo has said first lady Grace Mugabe is very ignorant of the history of the formation of the ruling Zanu PF indicating that those who founded the party who are late if they can wake up they would be shocked to learn what she is saying about the liberation movement.
"I remember when father told me. I even wish if I was there also. My father was the youth of the then newly formed political party. A liberation
MADNESS has gripped the government of Zimbabwe. It has once again demonstrated its malevolence and callous disregard for the welfare of its people. The decision by a bankrupt government to acquire a 60 percent stake in mobile telephone company Telecel is the latest example of how destructive the government of Robert Gabriel Mugabe is.
Here are the facts. In 1980 when Zanu PF got into power it inherited a number of parastatals which, despite 15 years of comprehensive sanctions
THE opposition MDC-T says it is pressing ahead with plans to stop President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, parcelling out government sourced farm machinery and other implements during Zanu PF rallies.
However, in a separate interview with our source Tuesday, presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, seemed to suggest the powerful Zanu PF women’s league boss may be abandoning the controversial practice during her Mashonaland East rally this Wednesday.
CRITICS fed up with his rule and Zanu PF lieutenants impatient to take over, have lately been giving President Robert Mugabe’s public appearances forensic consideration.
He is 91 and they are all keen for signs that age is weakening him; they hope this would force the veteran leader out of office – finally.
Mugabe, in power since independence in 1980, rejects retirement talk, believing Zimbabweans want him to carry on “for as long as I am still
Missing human rights activist and journalist Itai Dzamara is returning soon, his brother, Patson says he “believes” his brother is still alive and will soon be “released”. 
He said this as he announced he is flying out overseas to 5 countries of the world including the United States, Bahrain, and South Africa. The breaking news comes as he launches his 7th book, “Forced to Fight” which features Itai’s bravery and was “prompted by the
In a shocking story just in, PHD Leader, Prophet Walter Magaya is said to have written a letter to his rival, UFIC Founder and leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.
This comes hot on the heels of another story doing the rounds on social media, in which the PHD Leader is said to have been plotting to “kill” Prophet Makandiwa, who he is said to see as his rival in the prophetic and prosperity gospel arena.
The news was delivered to our team by a
Econetwireless founder and Executive Chairman, Dr Strive Masiyiwa is reportedly the next in line for the most powerful position in Zimbabwean politics.
Reports coming from a source close to the Businessman and Philanthropist allege that has ‘received’ this call numerous times from God though he has kept quiet about this issue. It’s reported that a number of Men of God have given him this message from God and he himself confirmed hearing this from God.
RHODESIAN prime Ian Smith, who died in 2007 after dictating the pace of dramatic politics and events in what is now Zimbabwe for 15 years characterised by a devastating war and bloodshed, never doubted President Robert Mugabe will ultimately destroy the country, except on one occasion.
It became a self-fulfilling prophesy.
What Smith said about Mugabe rushed to mind this week as the 50th anniversary his Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) on November 11 1965 came and quietly
Some people are saying Grace Mugabe is set to replace her husband as president; they could not be more wrong. Before she can take over the presidency Grace has two mountains to climb. First, she must establish her own Zanu PF faction strong enough to topple the Mnangagwa faction and to still keep the Mujuru faction at bay. 
"Baby dumping" the Mujuru faction was easy, Grace did that in four months last year, but that was because she had the Mnangagwa faction and
Barely a year after officially entering politics and taking over the leadership of Zanu PF’s Women’s League, First Lady Grace Mugabe, is arguably now calling the shots in Zimbabwe and some party activists and observers are tipping her to take over the reins from her aging husband, President Robert Mugabe.
Initially not many people gave her a chance, thinking she was just the president's beautiful wife. But almost a year after taking over the leadership of the
The people of Zimbabwe will soon be dealing with the news about the fall of he who considers himself infallible. Although President Robert Mugabe may falsely believe that he is blessed with ancestral immortalisation, the inevitable twilight years have caught up with him. Soon the sad eventuality will present itself and the nation will mourn the loss of yet another Zimbabwean life.
Mugabe will be declared a national hero. He will receive mouth-watering eulogies garnished with

FOUR years to the day Zimbabwe's most decorated soldier, Retired General Solomon Mujuru died in a mysterious inferno that gutted part of his farm house at Almein Farm in Beatrice, the Mujuru family is yet to find peace and is planning to have the case re-investigated as they still believe he was brutally murdered.

Mujuru, whose nom de guerre was Rex Nhongo, died on August 15 in 2011.

In an interview at his Goromonzi farm on Thursday, the late general's brother Joel revealed

A frustrated Phelekezela Mphoko twice approached President Robert Mugabe offering to resign from his post as co-vice president due to a tense relationship with his counterpart, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Both were made vice presidents at last year's Zanu (PF) congress where the former deputy, Joice Mujuru, was kicked out for reportedly working to topple Mugabe. Trusted sources last week said animosity between the two had reached boiling point and Mugabe was working tirelessly to douse the

The country's ruling party, Zanu PF, is reportedly plotting to suspend the watershed 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections from 2018 to 2021, in a bid to buy political time to allow the fractured former liberation movement to repair and recover from feared collapse owing to intensified factionalism, and President Robert Mugabe's succession fight, which has already split the party between VP Emmerson Mnangagwa and his ousted predecessor Joice Mujuru, The Telescope News, has

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