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In the latest twist to Zanu PF's ugly infighting, a source claims that former Vice President Joice Mujuru had been sidelined for "a whole decade" while she was President Robert Mugabe's number two.

The insider, who claims to know intimate details of Mugabe and Mujuru's relationship over the past decade, said this had been the reason why the former VP had not been accorded benefits by the nonagenarian such as new vehicles, a government house or a farm — as had been the case with other

Zanu PF youth member and youth empowerment activist Fidelis Fengu who was in 2013 accused by Baba Jukwa of allegedly killing both General Solomon Mujuru and outspoken Chindori-Chininga has spoken out.

What is of interest is that Fengu, who according to Baba Jukwa, was labelled a very dangerous man, has acknowledged that the Late General Solomon Mujuru did not perish in a natural accident. Instead, he unlike many other Zanu PF officials, believes foul play was involved. What is however


Contrary to President Robert Mugabe's wife Grace's claims upon her return from an extended stay in Singapore six weeks ago that she only had an operation to remove a nagging appendix, close family sources say she is suffering from much more serious ailment - colon cancer, the Daily News has learnt.

Family sources say about 30cm of her colon (large intestine) affected by cancer was removed during the operation. Grace, who is Zanu-PF Women's League boss, left the country last week

President Robert Mugabe will say goodbye to office, after over three decades of unperturbed reign in Zimbabwe, when his leadership term of the African Union winds up, The Telescope News, can exclusively reveal.

According to high level government officials, the Zanu PF leader has officially confided to his inner circle, thought to include his powerful military generals and first vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, that he wanted to concentrate on his new AU responsibilities, alongside

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa's wife Auxillia has been exposed as a key member of Robert Mugabe's dreaded secret police, the CIO, sent by the dictator to monitor her husband.

High-level sources told Now Daily that Auxillia Mnangagwa was deployed by Mugabe to monitor Mnangagwa at a time when the former state security minister was thought to pose a threat to the dictator. She remained in the shadows until Mnangagwa's ‘real' wife, national hero Josiah Tongogara's sister, died

President Robert Mugabe's bitter fall out with ousted vice president, Joice Mujuru, has nothing to do with an alleged plot to kill him nor graft charges laid against his former deputy, but a political putsch that almost got him booted out of power in 2007, suspected in government circles to have been masterminded by the late General Solomon Mujuru, The Telescope News, has alleged.

General Mujuru, who was former VP Mujuru's husband and a decorated war veteran of the liberation struggle

Fast-rising energetic politician, Information, Communication Technology and Courier Services minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, is reportedly earmarked for yet another big promotion, to the powerful post of information, media and broadcasting services minister.

Mandiwanzira had previously deputized the current incumbent, Jonathan Moyo, who might be demoted in a cabinet reshuffle next month to Mandiwanzira’s present job, amid indications that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to clip

Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe, must watch her back and beef up her security detail to the maximum, amid reports that a squad of hitmen have reportedly sneaked into the country, with alleged orders to take her out, a serving cabinet minister has warned, The Telescope News reported.

It was not apparent this morning, who had hired the faceless hitmen, with indications that perhaps the first lady's growing list of enemies, could have come together for the common cause of ending her

Relations between President Robert Mugabe and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa have soured dramatically in recent weeks, according to impeccable sources from State House, UK based The Zimbabwean has claimed.

Mugabe is said to have deserted his former close ally, once touted as his successor, and is now promoting the presidential ambitions of a surprise candidate - Dr. Dzepasi Innocent Tizora, who is, the director of State House

"Mugabe always surprises everyone in the party. Of

Postal and Courier Services minister Webster Shamu slept with a 15-year old girl before shipping her off to the United Kingdom as part of an elaborate cover-up to avoid prosecution for statutory rape, Nehanda Radio reports.

The Chegutu East Zanu-PF MP slept with Charity (Tapiwa) Sithole, then a schoolgirl who was about to finish her O' Levels at the time. The affair, spread over five years, produced a child (also named Webster) who is now at the centre of a protracted maintenance battle


Reports reaching our news desk are alleging that Vice President Joice Mujuru tendered her resignation to President Robert Mugabe today, Monday afternoon.
A Zimbabwean news websites operating from UK, Zimeye, has reported that President Mugabe however turned it down saying that she "must take responsibility of what she started," one of the sources said. At the time of writing, further details were not available together with the exact declared reasons for the 'resignation'.

The life of First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is now behind the eight ball, amid growing indications of a deadly end to President Robert Mugabe's succession race, before Zanu PF's elective congress in December, The Telescope News reported on Monday.

Key informants in government have over the weekend, revealed that high ranking military officers, are panicking over the possibility of being fired and arrested over a cocktail of issues, which are not yet in the public domain, should Grace become

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, could all but be left a widower anytime from now, as death threats against her wife, Grace, have allegedly mounted to "dangerous" levels, resulting in increased security for the First Lady, who has raffled many political feathers by now making it open that she intends to takeover as the next president of Zimbabwe, The Telescope News reported on Monday.

According to a prophesy first reported by this publication, on 26 January 2014, Grace was forewarned about her

Dr Grace Mugabe is set to deputise her husband after a cabinet reshuffle that will follow the Zanu (PF) congress before taking over from him some time next year - if a new factional strategy succeeds.

The game plan, reportedly hatched by the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction and said to involve Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo, entails changing the party's tradition of putting senior party officials in senior government posts. In the past, the two party vice presidents have automatically


Jocelyn Mauchaza, ex-wife of army commander Constantine Chiwenga, says she found mysterious juju items in one of the couple's houses.

Mauchaza was ejected from one of the properties owned by the estranged couple in Borrowdale Brooke and on Friday moved into an adjacent matrimonial house – where she discovered the items believed to be used for black magic or juju.

The two had not been using the house - but would visit it from time to time. It was being guarded by a caretaker.

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