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FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe defied all odds when she graduated with the Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) at the University of Zimbabwe on Friday.

News of her feat was received with surprise, even shock, by many who marvelled at how quickly she had worked on it and graduated.

President Robert Mugabe who reportedly has seven degrees, and a host of long serving lecturers at the UZ do not hold PhDs whose attainment is no mean achievement.

Some have questioned Grace's achievement

Now confirmed Emmerson Mnangagwa will challenge Mujuru for the Vice President post at the party's elective congress in December. Mnangagwa said to be having political machinery in place, to garner support from most of the country's ten provinces. Should tragedy in any form hit Mugabe and his government, Mnangagwa's backers are likely to push for his enthronement via the military aided backdoor.

COLOGNE-Zimbabwe's Vice President, Joice Mujuru, has received a final knock-out political

This story starts with James McGee, the former US ambassador to Zimbabwe during the contentious 2008 election that Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai was tipped to win.

Shortly before the poll, McGee secretly met a member of Mugabe's political machinery.

McGee was deeply sceptical of this insider during their first meeting, but one of his tips was plausible: Mugabe was about to lose the first round of elections and he knew it.

Mugabe did indeed lose

THE fight between President Robert Mugabe and his deputy Joice Mujuru is set to go to the wire, after Mujuru made her position clear that she expects Mugabe to step down.

The two leaders of Zanu PF held a no-holds-barred meeting last week without any other people in attendance and, The News Leader heard from top sources that Mujuru dropped the bombshell.

Mujuru reported back to the caucus of her faction, that she had told Mugabe, to accept that it is the best time for him to step

THE WOMAN President Robert Mugabe nearly married upon his return from Ghana in 1960, died on Sunday and was buried at her rural home in Mutoko, with her family disappointed she wasn't considered for war heroine status.

Former Zimbabwe Nurses Association (Zina) president, Abigail Kurangwa, who was diabetic, had struggled with poor health after suffering a stroke four years ago.

According to former Zanu PF secretary general and national hero Edgar Tekere, Kurangwa had a relationship

President Robert Mugabe must have "okayed" Information minister Jonathan Moyo's Thursday interrogation by the Zimbabwean police, it has emerged.

Although presidential spokesperson George Charamba has skirted the issue by saying law enforcement agents did not need anyone's blessings to interview people of interest, those familiar with such cases insisted that State protocol demanded that executive authority be sought before any high-ranking officials were summoned by the police.

Zimbabwe’s controversial and seriously hunted for by police, Baba Jukwa, has sensationally claimed in a post on his Facebook Page that there is a plot by ZANU-PF Officials, Minister Jonathan Moyo and Minister Kasukuwere to assassinate the outspoken ZANU-PF Buhera MP Joseph Chinotimba.

Below is a post published on the Baba Jukwa account:

Zimbabwe good-day, let's not allow the master weevil Musorobhangu who is now working tirelessly with Minister Kasukuwere to permanently take our


Vice President Joice Mujuru's eldest daughter Maidei (37) proves the old adage that "age ain't nothing but a number" with sources confirming that she is dating a 21-year-old 'toy-boy' from Glen Norah in Harare, UK-based Nehanda Radio has alleged.

From the pictures the 16-year age difference does not seem to matter as she looks to be in love. In March last year, VP Mujuru explained that when she married, the late general Solomon Mujuru in 1977, he already had two children, Maidei and

Speculation about President Robert Mugabe's health resurfaced this week with allegations that the 90 year old leader collapsed Wednesday, soon after his anti white rant while addressing rural farmers in Mhangura.

SW Radio Africa received an unconfirmed report on Friday, from a normally reliable source, who said Mugabe collapsed after he told a cheering crowd of land-grab beneficiaries in Mashonaland West that the remaining white farmers must go. It was reported that he was immediately

Grace Mugabe has registered for a doctoral degree at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

Sources privy to the development said Grace had successfully applied for a Doctor of Philosophy degree and had already completed her proposal, which a university higher degrees committee was reviewing.

She chose a UZ sociology professor widely considered to be sympathetic to Zanu (PF), as her supervisor. The lecturer, who could not be reached for a comment, has over the years appeared on national

Zimbabwe's First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is allegedly suffering from a chronic form of cancer, thus resulting in her current loss of weight, which has also reportedly forced her to remove her trademark dreadlocks, as fears over the disease mount, sources close to the first family's privacy have revealed, The Telescope News reported.

Grace has been in and out of hospital in secret over the years, for  mysterious health treatments in Singapore and sometimes Hong Kong, first thought of as

Police Commissioner, Augustine Chihuri collapsed during a pass out parade for recruits at Morris Depot in Harare this morning.

President Robert Mugabe was also attending the event. Chihuri collapsed while standing next to the veteran leader as they were about to inspect the graduating cops.

He was quickly taken away on a stretcher with deputy commissioner Godwin Matanga taking over his boss' place next to Mugabe.

There was complete silence among the hundreds of recruits and

MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai is seriously ill and yesterday failed to show for his second consecutive rally in Harare.

Party supporters at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield waited more than four hours for Mr Tsvangirai, and faction acting secretary-general Mr Tapiwa Mashakada had to, for the second week running, stand in for Mr Tsvangirai.

Mr Tsvangirai's spokesperson, Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, told journalists that his boss was under the weather, but did not elaborate. This has fed

Zimbabwe's strongman, and one of the world's oldest leaders, President Robert Mugabe is finally ready to call it a day in politics, amid reports that he has indicated his own willingness to vacate from office, to his hardline military chiefs, The Telescope News, has reported.

Although Mugabe has been putting up a brave face in public and International television interviews, claiming to still be able to pack a 90-tonne punch against his opponents, increasing health woes and "serious"

President Robert Mugabe's health has once again come under the spotlight after he apparently struggled to use his right eye which seemed to be nearly shut.

While Mugabe appeared to be highly alert and jocular, he looked like he was experiencing difficulties with his right eye while delivering his speech during national commemorations to mark Zimbabwe's 34th Independence Day at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on Friday.

Throughout his one and half hour long speech, Mugabe

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