1. Kissing can make or break your chances of going further with her. No woman enjoys kissing a man who isn’t there mentally, does it haphazardly or a man who is blind to body language. A woman wants to be kissed like your whole existence depends on the kiss.

2. She loves looking him in the eye to see how much her man is into her. No woman likes a
meek lover who won’t look her in the eye.

3. She loves it when you play with her ti_ts. Her nip_ples and are_olae are very

A skin cancer patient was in tears narrating how he suffered from the disease and testified that he was healed after receiving prayers from Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya at their Waterfalls service on Sunday.

Josephat Mwenye, 24, of Mwenye village in Mutoko testified before a multitude of people who attended the Sunday service showing his body while a video of his first visit was beamed on Yadah TV forcing other cancer patients who were present to


A 27-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo woman was kidnapped and held captive for seven days by her ex-boyfriend who repeatedly ra_ped her during that period.

Kudakwashe Antony Mapwevo (27) of New Lobengula suburb appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube charged with four counts of malicious damage to property, assault, rape and unlawful detention.

He pleaded not guilty and was remanded to January 27 for trial.

Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza said Mapwevo allegedly sent a message to

The trial of a CBZ senior manager, Norman Sambaza, who allegedly bashed his family over sadza started yesterday with his 17-year-old daughter testifying against him.Sambaza (43) is facing three counts of domestic violence. He is accused of assaulting his wife, Reena Sambaza, and daughters Ruvimbo and Sharon. The teenager, Ruvimbo, told the court that his father was violent and that he had assaulted her for defending her mother.

“I love my father. I am testifying against him because he

FIREBRAND South African opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, yesterday blasted President Robert Mugabe, saying his continued stay in power was not good for Zimbabwe, Sadc and “the African revolution project”.

Malema, who is often described as an ideologue taking after Mugabe, told journalists in Braamfontein, South Africa, that what was happening in Zimbabwe was bad and chided Zanu PF members for being cowards in failing to tell the Zimbabwean leader

It is 11PM and she has attended to two men; three more and her work for the night will be done. But she has to make sure that her night shift ends before 2AM, if it doesn’t, then she is doomed.

*Sinikiwe Ncube (15) (not her real name) is a pupil by day and a hooker by night.

She is a Form 3 pupil at a school in Nketa, Bulawayo. Ironically, her friends call her Madzimai because her skirt is so long it conceals her knees. Sinikiwe is a sports captain and her teachers love her. At 15

A JUNIOR officer based at Silobela Police Station in Midlands province recently landed himself in trouble after he allegedly defaced portrait pictures of President Robert Mugabe and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, accusing them of causing his misery.

Constable Comfort Kawere was arrested last Thursday after he allegedly walked into the charge office, took down Mugabe’s portrait and went on to deface it with an “X” before adding obscenities on the picture.

There was so much noise and emotions were raised, which led to many people  missing lots of facts about what was going on in the market, while both the government and Econet went miles to prove their innocence to score public points.

Thus said, we need to look into the facts from a fresh perspective and really understand what really happened first before the other.Forget the public sympathy and grandstanding and understand this right.

Ofcourse Econet cried foul about NetOne running

Mabla 10 who is Jah Prayzah’s side kick was involved in a fist fight with a fan who disrespected Jah Prayzah.

Mabla 10 whose real name is Lloyd Kurima flew into a rage after a fan said  Jah Prayzah was now a spent force.

The man only identified as Takura said :“Iwe Mabla uri kuzviona here kuti Jah Prayzah apera. Mukasamutsiura muchafa nenzara because akungotizwa nevanhu. (Mabla do you realise that Jah Prayzan is now a spent force, and you will soon wallow in poverty at

THE 15-year-old boy, who reportedly stole money from his parents and went to stay with a suspected hooker he met in Harare’s Avenues, initially wanted a th_reesome, a court heard.

Speaking during her trial, Rumbidzai Gwangwawa told the court that the teenager wanted to take her and another hooker for a threesome before he decided to accompany her to her place of residence.

“When I first came across him, there was another woman who was hugely built.

“He also wanted her

Villagers in Bikita who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday recounted horror stories of thuggery and intimidation by Zanu PF apparatchiks.

They said the sum total of the anti-democratic behaviour was to force them, as allegedly directed “from above”, to vote for the ruling party.

Many of the visibly-shaken villagers said they had ended up duly voting for Zanu PF, fearing that they would be dealt with ruthlessly if they disobeyed the “chefs” (Zanu PF

A policeman was beaten up while a police base at Mbedzi Business Centre in Beitbridge was vandalised by unruly community members who were protesting against a police officer who wanted to arrest a man wearing camouflage.

Roderick Nanga (29) a policeman was also accused of snatching other people’s girlfriends in the process.

It’s said on 13 January at around 5pm, Nanga was on patrol at Mbedzi Business Centre when he saw one Brian Simbarashe Ncube (20) wearing camouflage

A SOLDIER based at One Commando had to duck into a wardrobe after his wife unexpectedly arrived home in the middle of a steamy se_x romp with his teenage girlfriend.

Patrick Chiutsi was convicted of having se_x with a minor when he appeared before Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa.

The complainant was a Form Two pupil at Zimbiru Secondary School in Chief Chinamora’s area.
According to court papers, sometime in January last year, Chiutsi proposed love to the minor and she

THE Bikita West by-election is a huge wake-up call for the opposition, that defeating Zanu PF in the upcoming general elections next year will not be a stroll in the park.

There may have been voter intimidation and vote-buying, but this is the reality prevailing in the country and the opposition should be coming up with strategies of how to deal with this.

The only way the opposition can keep Zanu PF honest in the next election is by starting to prepare now for the 2018 elections.


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