I heard noises coming from mum’s bedroom, I opened the door a tiny bit & got the sh0ck of my life


Dear Aunty Lisa

I CAUGHT my mum and my b0yfriend in bǝd. They were all over each other but I was too sh0cked to say anything.

I thought I had a good connection with my b0yfriend. We got together six months ago. I am 23 and I quickly fell in l0ve with him and was really happy. He is 27.

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Four months ago, I noticed my mum had changed. She had been going to a slimming club and lost a lot of weight. She started wearing shorter skirts and low-cut tops.

She wore her hair differently and had on more make-up. She was a new woman.

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It was my dad’s 50th birthday party recently at a local hotel. My mum is 45 and she looked great that evening. My b0yfriend came too and we had a brilliant time.

My dad had a lot to drink and when we got home, my mum and I put him to bǝd in the spare room because she said she couldn’t stand his snoring all night.

We had a few more drinks, chatted for a while then all went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and realised my b0yfriend was not in bed with me. I thought he must have gone downstairs to get a drink of water and I went to find him.

I heard noises coming from my mum’s bedr00m and opened the door a tiny bit. My mum and my b0yfriend were in bǝd together and it was obvious what they were doing. I felt faint and couldn’t say anything. I just went back to my own bǝd.

He had left his phone by the bǝd and I decided to see what else he was doing. The texts between him and my mum proved they had been hook!ng up for weeks.

I told my older sister next day and she said she had noticed they were fl!rty together but thought it was just our mum enjoying her new image.

I can’t believe they have done this to me. I am crushed, for myself and for my father. He will be heartbroken when he finds out.

I have bottled this up. Everyone kept asking me what was wrong but I don’t know how to bring it up.

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