How I slǝpt with our talented garden boy after my husband was caught having ƨǝx with our maid


Dear Aunty Lisa.

My husband was caught red handed having ƨǝx with our maid by babamukuru (his brother). He immediately called me and explained to me what he saw. I asked hubby about it and he was very shy and he said it was a lie. He then called his brother and hurled insults at him and told him to never set foot at our home again.

If he had asked for forgiveness, I would have forgiven him but he failed to do so. Aunty, I am saying this from the bottom of my heart.

I seduced our gardener, as revenge. One day I knocked at his door at around 10 pm when my husband was in South Africa on a business trip. I was wearing nothing except a shower towel. I did this to arouse his feelings.

When he opened the door, I scratched my thighs and I saw his anaconda getting hard inside his shorts. I told him what my husband had done to me and that I wanted him to slǝǝp with me as revenge.

We had 3 r0unds of quality lula lula that night. That man is gifted in his pants. His manh00d is gigantic and he knows how to use it. Now he wants us to continue doing it. What should I do?

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