David Kutyauripo’s wife Cathrine gets the sh0ck of her life after bypassing hubby’s phone password


WAS David Kutyauripo and his wife, Cathrine Kadzenga, putting on a reality show to fool their friends and families?

Or, was it a real expression of l0ve and harmony in their house in the United Kingdom, where they have now settled, after leaving the country a few months ago?

Was the former Warriors star trying to fool his wife that he really l0ves her or he was trying to deceive her so that she doesn’t suspect he has been having a string of extrɑmaritɑl ɑffɑirs?

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Videos of the couple having a good time, with the football-star-turned fitness coach, even helping his wife to cook a family meal in their kitchen, hit Cathrine’s social media platforms in the past few weeks.

Watching and listening to the videos, one gets an impression of a couple very much in l0ve and having the time of their lives at their new base in the UK.

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But, as has now been revealed, this was all a fantasy.

After all, beyond the r0mantic videos, was the reality of a husband who had gone rogue, dɑting a lot of women, including mɑrried members of his own fitness club.

Remarkably, the X-rɑted content was leaked by Cathrine, possibly having crashed through the barriers, which Kutyauripo’s security features, on his mobile phone.

A few days ago, Kutyauripo was playing the role of a happy husband who was very supportive of his wife.

Cathrine recorded and posted videos of the couple’s happy moments when Kutyauripo traded his fitness class for kitchen duties.

In one of the videos Kutyauripo is seen cooking sadza while his wife teased his dancing skills asking him why he was doing womɑnly duties.

“Handina kudyiswa guys ndoziva kuti muchataura, mabasa acho kungobatsirana batsirana. Mukadzi achi pusha, ndichipushawo,” Kutyauripo is heard saying.

Exactly a week later, the blossoming r0mance has turned sour after Cathrine bypassed Kutyauripo’s phone passwords and discovered his shenanigans.

She posted some of his messages and pictures with different women on social media only to delete later, presumably, after her close relatives intervened.

However, after watching the videos, one would think Kutyauripo was the ideal husband only to learn that he was possibly a cheɑt trying to deceive his wife and cover his tracks.

His commitment to his family is now being questioned.

Some of the women involved are resident in the UK making the case even more complicated for the former Warriors’ man.

Kutyauripo relocated to the UK with his young family recently.

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