‘I have no idea who to vote for in upcoming elections, please help me choose the right leader’


Dear Aunty Lisa,

I am writing to request advice from your readers ahead of the August 2023 elections. I currently live abroad and have been out of the country for several years. As such, I am unfamiliar with the major political parties, their platforms and key candidates running for office.

With the election approaching, I realize I need to make an informed decision about who to vote for. However, living overseas, I do not have access to the same local news coverage and information that voters within the country receive.

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Could you please request that your readers share their perspectives on the main political parties and candidates? What are the key issues and priorities in this election? Who do readers feel would make the best [President, MPs, etc.] and why? What qualifications, values and vision do they possess?

Any overview of the main parties’ platforms regarding issues like the economy, infrastructure, education, healthcare and security would also be very helpful. The more objective and unbiased the information, the better I can make an informed choice when casting my ballot.

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I appreciate in advance any information and viewpoints your readers can provide through your column. I want to be sure my vote reflects the best interests and priorities of citizens within the country. With your readers’ advice and insight, I hope to cast a vote that can make a positive difference.


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