TECH Zimbabwe: The World’s Largest University


With an academic offer of more than 10,000 programs, presence in more than 150 countries, and a 100% online method, TECH Zimbabwe aims to break the foundations of traditional education and enable the academic and professional development of thousands of students. 

TECH Technological University has positioned itself as the world’s largest online university thanks to its wide range of degrees and innovative academic methods. With its arrival in Zimbabwe, a new opportunity opens for all professionals, students, and people interested in getting a decisive competitive advantage in their career paths.

The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) estimates that the chances of getting a job with postgraduate studies are higher, this shows the importance of this type of degree in the labor market, since in many cases they are decisive when choosing a candidate or getting a promotion. For this reason, TECH has burst onto the university academic scene guaranteeing 99% employability to all its graduates based on technological innovation and advanced teaching methodologies.

“The chances of having a job increase if you have a postgraduate study. TECH offers accessible, modern higher education adapted to all professional profiles.”

Technological University aims to offer accessible higher education that makes a difference in its students’ career progress. With more than 10,000 university degrees, available in more than 10 different languages, there are programs ranging from Health Sciences to Communication or Education, through faculties such as Business, Computer Science, Design, Education, and even Video Games.

It covers a wide range of academic offerings, tailored to the individual needs of its own students. Among others, there are bachelor’s degrees, official master’s degrees, and Grand Master’s degrees for those seeking a broad improvement of their competencies, while the University Experts and University Courses offer an exhaustive development of more specific areas of knowledge.

The professors in charge also guarantee the quality of each lesson, as there are more than 5,000 professional experts in their areas of knowledge. Professors, department heads and leading academics make up a multidisciplinary faculty, which brings to the programs a unique practical perspective for each subject covered.

Educational elite within everyone’s reach 

The purpose set by Technological University is to be able to offer an elite education for everyone. The Financial Times recognized it as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe and Forbes considers it “The best digital university in the world”.

Such is the recognition that TECH has positioned itself as the Official Online University of the NBA (National Basketball Association), with many exclusive academic programs focused on the health, athletic and business sides of the sport. This is an exceptional opportunity for people looking to specialize in the sports sector, with educational resources of the highest level.

“Forbes recognizes TECH as <<The best digital university in the world>>, becoming one of the 200 fastest growing European companies according to the Financial Times.” 

The high percentage of employability is one of the most important motivations for students to enter TECH, as 99% of graduates find employment in less than a year, which proves the importance of advanced and complete studies in today’s competitive job market.

Innovative teaching method 

Over the years, TECH has perfected its work method, based on Relearning, which handles reiterating the key contents of each syllabus, summarized by the experts who created them. The student can review these contents as many times as they wish, which results in a more organic assimilation of the keys and relevant techniques of each program.

This means that students do not have to spend excessive hours of study time or take on a heavy teaching load when undertaking their degrees. In addition, a high percentage of the content of each program is offered in a multimedia format, resulting in much more visual and direct learning.

Based on Miller’s competency model, TECH includes in each program many simulated cases, practical examples and real-life situations. This ensures that the student not only integrates the knowledge gained, but also knows how to apply it in their field of action.

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