The 4 signs you need to know to identify TRUE prophets and ignore the fakes who want your money


Are there still true prophets today?

The age-old question of whether God still speaks through prophets today divides believers. Some faiths assert prophecy continues as an essential aspect of revelation, while others argue the age of prophets ended with Scripture.

What is a prophet? In biblical times, prophets served as mouthpieces for God’s messages, often foretelling future events. Yet prophets also foretold God’s will, calling people to repentance and building up their faith.

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Some claim modern prophets fulfill the same functions as biblical prophets. They see contemporary prophecy as a continuation of the prophetic tradition in Scripture. But others disagree, arguing:

• Biblical prophets revealed God’s word during formative periods, which ended once Scripture was complete. Their role isn’t needed today.

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• Many allegedly prophetic figures make vague predictions that can’t be proven true or false. Their teachings often evolve over time, undermining claims of “infallible” prophecy.

• Discerning true from false prophecy is difficult. The Bible warns of false prophets seeking to lead people astray. It’s hard to distinguish genuine modern prophets from impostors.

The debate centers around differing definitions of what constitutes a prophet and how they operate. Even among those who believe in modern prophecy, discernment is crucial to evaluate any allegedly prophetic message.

But if true prophets do exist today, they will likely resemble their biblical counterparts:

• Their teachings will align with Scripture and build up the faith.

• They will consistently foretell and forthtell the truth with accuracy and authority.

• Their lives will demonstrate the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control.

• Their prophecies will point people toward repentance and righteousness, not just making predictions.

While some claim to speak for God, clarifying whether they fulfill these four marks of a true prophet would help determine if their messages deserve consideration – and discern whether there are truly any prophets among us today.

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