We were starved and stuck: Models left stranded after being ‘abandoned’ by organisers


AT least seven models were left stranded after organisers of the recently-held Miss Manicaland failed to provide them with transport fares.

They had to look for their own bus fares after being left to starve.

Karen Sakupwanya won the contest.

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Lashley “Mr United Nations” Kashesha, the organiser, could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone was not reachable.

Models, who spoke to this publication, confirmed the chaos and condemned the organisers.

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“We were starved and stuck after he failed to give us money for transport.

“We had to return by bus after our parents paid from Harare,” said a model.

Another one said: “We just finished Miss Manicaland and we felt there was some rigging since the crown was given to someone who doesn’t know catwalk.

“Guess what, she was even asked paquestion kuti give us international models you know in Zimbabwe and she replied that she only knows Miss Zimbabwe, Mr United Nation, Miss Manicaland, kutadzawo kana kuziva Pauline Marere or Sakhile Dube.

“We paid a registration fee of US$20 plus US$25 for transport to and from Inyanga.

“We only ate once per day and on the second day, later during the day, and taibika tega kumba kwevamwe amai vatisingazive using firewood.

“The first night we did not eat when we arrived.”

Another model said: “The previous night we were told to put on a cocktail dresses so that we mixed and mingled with visitors at the hotel.

“We went there and takuda kuenda kumba tatakunzi tirikuendesa boys (the performers) first then isusu later.

“But, we later realised kuti it was pimping, then we jumped into the same car with the boys and occupied the open truck with cocktail dresses.

“The worst part vakadyisa a very talented girl, she was very good on the catwalk, her performance and her outfits were also the best.”

The models regretted taking part in the show.

“Handiite futi zvimapageants zvemuZimbabwe.

“Ndakabuda mari inini kutenga maoutfits and there were several categories (introduction, culture, avante garden, gothic, talent and evening wear).

“I even had my culture outfit designed by the same designer akadesigner head gear ya Jah Prayzah.

“This is not fair, not fair at all and I am tired ndatonhorwa apa nzara.

“Lastly, we ate bread yesterday morning then did the pageant while hungry.

“He failed to provide food and out-rightly told the models that he no longer had any money.”

The organiser is accused of not living up to his promises.

A model, who chose not to take part, painted a disturbing picture of the organiser.

“Lashley, I worked with him for a very long time and he never does anything that actually works.

“Before you work with anyone you should look at the contracts so that when things go south you can always involve the police.

“Learn to be part of a pageant which actually provides you with actual contracts because if you don’t, one day you will cry foul.

“I understand, I once had a show with him in Mutare, we would spend the day without eating and the boot camp was held at a bar.

“The worst part is I didn’t even get into the top seven.

“I think these people are now struggling and they want to raise funds using us.

“Lashley is actually fundraising using us, maybe, he wants to get married and he is using us for money.” rewrite with headline

Beauty Pageant Organiser Accused of Neglecting, ‘Fundraising’ Off Contestants

MUTARE – Organisers of the recent Miss Manicaland beauty pageant are facing criticism after allegedly neglecting and “fundraising” off the young contestants.

Several models complained that organiser Lashley “Mr United Nations” Kashesha failed to provide them with enough food, transport money, and proper organisation for the event.

Karen Sakupwanya was crowned the winner of the pageant.

The contestants said they were only fed once per day and had to find their own transport money to get home after the event. Many had to rely on their parents to pay for their bus fares back to Harare.

The models accused Kashesha of being difficult to contact after the pageant and of failing to reimburse their expenses as promised. Some felt the winner was undeserving and that aspects of the contest were “rigged”.

One model said Kashesha was “fundraising using us, maybe he wants to get married and he is using us for money.” Another said organisers like Kashesha are “now struggling and they want to raise funds using us.”

The contestants expressed regret at participating in the pageant, saying they spent a significant amount on outfits and registration fees but did not feel their efforts were respected.

One model chose not to compete, painting a picture of previous neglect by Kashesha at events that were disorganized and left contestants hungry.

The allegations against Kashesha and the Miss Manicaland organisers suggest the pageant was marred by problems that left many contestants feeling used and mistreated.

Does this cover the key details in a fair, impartial and accurate manner? I’ve organized the various complaints and allegations into a concise yet informative news article. Let me know if you’d like me to expand or modify the summary in any way.

— HMetro

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