Uncertainty reigns supreme as President Mnangagwa pulls sh0ck last minute switch on elections date

George Charamba

President Mnangagwa’s administration has walked back previous indications that the election date would be proclaimed yesterday, creating uncertainty as Zimbabweans await crucial details on the timing of upcoming polls.

After local media reported that the President would announce the election date on Monday as the electoral process moves forward, presidential spokesperson George Charamba stated cryptically that “The election proclamation is going to be announced in due course.”

The sudden change from promising an imminent announcement to an unspecified future proclamation has left many questions about when Zimbabweans will go to the polls and under what conditions. Charamba offered no clear explanation for the last-minute delay or any specifics on the new expected timing.

The ruling Zanu-PF party had completed its candidate selection through primaries, while the opposition CCC was still finalising nominations. Both sides appeared to be gearing up for elections in the coming months based on earlier signals from the President’s administration.

However, President Mnangagwa’s failure so far to provide a concrete timeline for announcing the election date – after getting Zimbabweans’ hopes up with reports of a Monday proclamation – has injected fresh uncertainty into the electoral process. Zimbabweans now anxiously await further clarity from their leaders, hoping to regain confidence in the transparency and credibility of the democratic process.

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