Drama in court as man reveals why his stepmother and stepsister put bread crumbs in his blankets


A man from Harare claims his stepmother is deliberately causing him harm. The 32-year-old man, named Pardon Jewu, says his stepmother Patricia Kadungwe puts bread crumbs in his blankets to attract ants that bite him while he sleeps.

Pardon filed a complaint against Patricia after she applied for a protection order against him. However, Pardon says it is he who needs protection from her actions. He works as a builder and grass cutter and claims he is too tired after work to have insulted her as she alleges.

Pardon accuses both Patricia and his stepsister of putting bread crumbs in his blankets. He says his stepsister disrespects him and wants him to move out of his father’s house, though she spends all day sleeping. She also watches TV loudly at night, disturbing his sleep.

Pardon claims Patricia and his stepsister refuse to give him a proper room to sleep in. He has to sleep in the kitchen, with his feet by the fridge and his head touching the stove. His stepsister also irritates him by boiling water late at night when he is trying to sleep.

Patricia told the court that Pardon is disrespectful and uses vulgɑr language towards her. She wants him to move out though his father has been in South Africa for years.

The court ultimately dismissed Patricia’s application for a protection order, finding insufficient evidence she was under real threat.

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