Tragedy strike at court as a serving prison inmate dies while on duty


A tragic incident occurred at the canteen area of Harare Magistrate Courts, where a prisoner who was on duty passed away. Witnesses reported that the inmate appeared to be in good health when he was collecting vegetables at the back of the canteen where he cooked food for other inmates.

Suddenly, he collapsed, and some people suspect that he may have suffered a heart attack, while others think he may have been electrocuted.

Despite the unusual circumstances, some people at the scene disregarded the possibility of electrocution since it had never happened before, and TelOne officials confirmed that all cables were in good condition. The deceased prisoner’s body did not show any visible signs of change in colour.

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It’s a sad incident that has left many people wondering about the cause of the prisoner’s death. The authorities will undoubtedly investigate the matter further to establish the cause of death.

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