My job is to pull trains: Video of Oxman eating 2kgs of sadza and 2,5kgs of chicken causes stir


Arnold Zikhali, a 36-year-old man known as The Oxman, participated in a public eating challenge organized by the H-Metro newspaper. The challenge was to see if he could consume 2 kilograms of sadza (thick maize porridge), 2.5 kilograms of chicken, 2 litres of water and 1 litre of juice – amounts he claimed to regularly eat during lunch.

The H-Metro newspaper invited Zikhali to a Harare restaurant to do the challenge publicly. The editor paid for the large meal consisting of sadza, chicken, water and juice. The event was recorded live on social media, attracting many viewers.

Zikhali managed to finish his sadza and said he wanted more. However, he could not finish all the chicken, leaving about 500 grams uneaten. He said he did eat the 2 kilograms of sadza as claimed. He did not drink the milk since it was not his preferred brand.

Zikhali said food gives him the energy and strength to do his job, which is pulling buses and trains. He said his manager and trainer help ensure he has enough to eat. He eats a large meal of rice and beef in the evenings as well.

“I don’t just eat and go to sleep but I train using kombis.

“I make the drivers move forward while I hold from the back and I use my power to pull the kombis.”

In the evening he eats again.

“In the evening, I am going to take 2kgs of rice and 1 and a half kgs of beef. I wake up around 12am, I take tea and one loaf and I sleep.

“More food, more power, more energy,” Zikhali told HMetro

Zikhali aims to compete against other strongmen outside Zimbabwe. He hopes corporate sponsors can help him travel to Botswana for competitions.

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