Foetus dumped above sewer manhole in sh0cking discovery near clinic


A foetus was found dumped above a sewer manhole near Entumbane Clinic in Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb on Tuesday morning, sh0cking residents. Locals passing by saw the foetus, believed to be around four months gestati0n, lying on top of the manhole next to the road when they were going about their morning routine.

Police were called to the scene to investigate what happened. Residents suspect someone deliberately placed the foetus above the sewer pipe to make it appear as if it had come up through the drainage system.

A local resident who was among the first at the scene told reporters, “We suspect whoever did this wanted to appear as if the foetus came up through the sewerage pipe. We are waiting for police to arrive at the scene.”

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The gruesome discovery has left many questions for investigators to determine the circumstances surrounding how the foetus ended up abandoned above the manhole, the identity of the mother and what may have motivated someone to discard the foetus in such a sh0cking manner. Witnesses hope police can use any available evidence from the scene to try and determine who is responsible for abandoning the 4-month-old foetus and bring them to justice.

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